Project #1Room30Days: Master Bedroom Reveal!

Hi Friends!  I managed to get it done!  1 Room in 30 Days!  I'm so glad this day has come! 1) Because I'm so excited to share my master bedroom refresh with you all and 2) Because I'm wiped out!  This challenge was amazing because it really held me accountable to actually finish something I started.  Having a group of supportive ladies to hash it all out with was pretty great too!  Thank you so much Alaya (Behind the Big Green Door) for hosting, it has been an amazing experience!

I'm not going to do too much talking, so I hope you enjoy the overload of pictures!  If you head on over to Behind the Big Green Door you can see the other ladies who participated as well.

We are just so in love with our new space.  It reminds me of a villa we stayed at in Negril a few years ago.

While my original thought when I decided to do my bedroom, was to have a modern bohemian vibe, my furniture told me otherwise.  So I worked with what I had, to give us a cozy, relaxing retreat  . . . and with 4 kids, it was desperately needed!

Believe it or not, most of the items in this space, I either thrifted, bought on clearance or I already had on hand!  Like this scarf, I've used it as a throw since I bought it, but it was only $3.99 from Christmas Tree Shops!

The rug!  One of my favorite purchases for this space.  Words can't describe how much I love it!

The artwork:  I found in some old Time Life Books

I found this little elephant all black and tarnished in one of my husband's storage units.  Honestly, I am in love with it and thanks to Barkeeper's Friend, it looks brand new!

The Bedding:  Every night my husband thanks me because the bed is so comfortable.  All of the pillows were DIY, the Duvet currently has 2 comforters within it.  I actually found the sheets at Walmart at the very last minute, (that's why they're not shown in the other photos) but I really like the mix of patterns, it definitely adds some interest.

The ceiling light, we already had, it's been in this space since our son occupied this room.  He has since moved down to the basement.  I contemplated changing it out, but I think it works just fine for now.

Moving my Fiddle Leaf "Mary", into this space, made such a huge difference in here.  If you don't use plants in your bedroom you must try it!

Who else is obsessed with little bowls???  Every time I see cute little bowls, I feel the need to buy.  I added some pom pom trim to the lamp for a bit of whimsy, I'm waiting for my husband to question me about it, haha!

Found this little clock in my husband's storage as well, it's not perfect, but it works, lol, was glad to add it to this little vignette.

I went ahead and framed some architectural prints from the Time Life Books as well, I think they work well until I find something else that I love.

I snipped some branches from my crab apple tree, needless to say it wasn't very happy . . . it wilted almost immediately.

I've always tried to stay away from seating in the bedroom, because we all know what happens---it holds clothes, but having a little chair in the room is nice for when my hubby wakes up at 4 in the morning to read the bible, or surf eBay, he doesn't wake me.

I spray painted this mirror and I really love it in the space.  Using this, allowed me to eliminate a mirror over the dresser and is more useful, since we can see our full body.

As a kid, I had just about every pet, besides the traditional cat or dog.  This little turtle reminds me of my pet turtle Michelangelo (Yes, I was a huge Ninja Turtles Fan).

He was previously a resin garden ornament, after a quick coat of spray paint, he now holds my bracelets and pays homage to my little Mikey.  ( Thanks Erin at Live Pretty on A Penny for the idea :))

Lastly, my builder grade closet doors got a fancy lil makeover.  I gave them a coat of gray paint and added some beautiful brass pulls to give them a touch of class.  I Love, Love, Love, the look of them.

And just for the heck of it let's check out the before:

And after:

Well, friends, that's it, I hope you enjoyed it!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  

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Project: 1Room30Days: Updates (and Obstacles) Before the Reveal . . .

Hey Y'all!  I wanted to share a few more updates that I made to my bedroom during the 1 Room 30 Days Challenge.  No great work is done without obstacles, okay I was trying to sound really profound there, lol, but it's the truth!  The pic below shows the status of my bedroom last week.  I had a plan, an honest to goodness plan, but let's be real, I am no good with those.  So, I started my day hoping to get all of my spray painting accomplished, paint my nightstands and my closet doors.  And guess what?  I was able to get it all done, but not without a few challenges of course.

The One Nightstand

I decided to paint my nightstands on a whim.  We weren't in the market for new furniture because we'd only just purchased our set a few years ago, so I had to make them work.  By painting them a creamy white it helped to make the space a bit brighter and less heavy.  

I mixed a few different paints that I had on hand to achieve this lighter color.  I began painting with a mini foam roller (as I do with all of my furniture) and a brush for the details.  This nightstand has a lot of detail, so this was a problem because the paint mixture was crap----like seriously just awful!  It was a chalky mess and not smooth Annie Sloan chalk paint, it was horrible. 

After assessing the damage, I pretty much cried, I was so upset, mainly because I knew better.  I called my hubby and told him what a mess I had made and he suggested just going over it with spray paint---which I should have done from the beginning.  There were way too many details on this piece to try to paint it by hand (and in a hurry at that!)  At this point, I decided I needed to step away . . . and eventually came back and finished it.

Once, I got a nice even coat on the nightstand, I decided to change out the pulls on the drawer.  We have a ton of knobs and pulls on hand from my hubby's furniture, so I combined two elements from the pulls on the left to make the pull on the right.

After giving the pulls a little bath in barkeeper's friend, they were good as gold!  Doesn't this corner look so much brighter now?

To the Window to the Walls (or in reverse order)

I took a breather after my nightstand breakdown and randomly decided to get a roller and start painting the wall behind my bed, becasue that's what I like to do when I'm under pressure, add more stress ***sigh*** I have no idea why, it wasn't in my plans, it just happened!  Usually, hubby is right by my side in projects like these, but he's been busy with work, so I was on my own---and let me tell you, this day was truly a challenge.

Night Table (?)

After dealing with the nightstand debacle, I decided to just use a small side table for my side of the bed and it helped to further break up my matchy-matchy bedroom furniture.

I gave it a few quick coats of spray paint and it was as good as new!  Plus, it helps by eliminating all the unnecessary clutter at my bedside.

Light it up!

For my hubby's side of the bed, I grabbed this brass lamp that I's thrifted a while back, and then I remembered my friend Linda's "How to Update Thrifted Lamps"   post and knew right away, that I wanted to give it a try.

Note to self:  Always do a test spray first

I had to sand down the bumpy textured part, where the paint spat out at the lamp, but I was able to touch it up with no problem.  

Shut the Closet Doors! 

The closet doors got an unplanned paint job as well.  I began painting them and got bored (at this point I had half a nightstand painted, half a wall, and half of the closet doors painted--sensing a theme here?)

Then I called in for reinforcement!  I don't know why it took me so long to think of this!  I put this little lady to work since she was begging to go to the mall that day. Favor for a favor, right?  She finished the closet, while I trimmed in the walls.

Oh that's Shady:

Next was the windows, I added these great bamboo roman shades.  They were so easy to install and added so much texture to the room.  On the top you can see the original white blinds and the bamboo blinds installed at the same placement.  But when I stepped back it didn't look right to me, so I unscrewed them and raised them up closer to the curtain rod (right) and it was perfect!

By raising the shades higher it looks as if I added height to the room.

Phew!!!  So that's it, the rest is just the minor stuff!  I'm in love with my new space and I can't wait to share my reveal with you!  This challenge was just that-A CHALLENGE, but I'm so glad I took part in it, I don't think my room has felt as cozy and inviting since we've lived here!   If you're interested in challenging yourself, join Alaya at Behind the Big Green Door in June for her next challenge.

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Until next time,

A Soft Place to Land, My Rug Search for Project: #1Room30Days

Hi Friends, if you follow me on Instagram you may remember me complaining about how bad I am at choosing rugs (and window treatments, for that matter).  There's just something about them that seem so, so . . . permanent.  So, when it came to choosing a rug for my master bedroom refresh, it was no different.  

Rug #1:  Safavieh Marlton Wool Rug, silver

I ordered this rug from Target before Project: #1room30days began.

I tried it out and it didn't take long for me to realize that I didn't love it. 

The pattern was a little too busy for the look I was going for, and seemed a little more formal than I had hoped for.  

Rug #2:  Woven rug from Target:

Area Rug Cool Natural 5'X7'- Threshold™
I loved the color and texture of this rug, but quickly realized that it wasn't going to work.  It was a 5x7 and I needed at least a 6x9 to fit under my queen bed.  I searched online, and unfortunately they don't carry this particular rug in a larger size, such a bummer!

 Rug #3: Martha Stewart Jute Fringe Runner

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