Easy Outdoor Wall Decor

Easy Outdoor Wall Decor

Hi Friends!  I wanted to share with you some of the outdoor wall decor that I chose to use in my Deck Refresh, which I revealed last month.  What I relied on most for my outdoor wall decor was natural elements, in the form of hanging flower boxes, a vertical herb garden and metal/iron weather-proof decor.

The Verical Herb Garden:

Vertical Herb Garden

This project is something I've seen a lot of on Pinterest over the past few years, and can be done in so many unique ways, (See my friend Alaya's, she turned her daughter's old crib rail into a vertical garden!) however, I wanted to do it the most inexpensive way as possible.

Vertical Herb Garden

I grabbed 6 little potted herbs from my supermarket , some organic potting soil and these adorable little plastic planters from Family Dollar (Gasp!  I know! they were only a buck, so I went with it!)

When I first spotted these planters I knew I wanted to use them in my deck refresh, but I just wasn't sure how.  Then I decided to get a little creative.  

Here's what I did:

Vertical Herb Garden

1.) I drilled a hole in each plastic planter and poked holes through the bottom as well for drainage.

Vertical Herb Garden

2.) I then decided on placement, I knew I had this blank privacy panel wall to fill over one side of the bench seating, so I played around with some configurations, and once I decided, I drilled with a small drill bit, a tiny hole, and then screwed some outdoor "cup hooks" in by hand.

Vertical Herb Garden

Vertical Herb Garden

3.)  My original thought was that I would be able to hang the planters right on to the hook, but that was very bad planning.  Instead I looped a small piece of garden twine into the holes and tied a knot leaving just a small amount of slack, as I didn't really want the loops visible.

Vertical Herb Garden

4.) Next, I hung the loops/planters onto the hooks. Problem solved! Other ways that you could accomplish this is to drill both sides of the planter and create a handle with the twine, then hang from the hooks, depending on the look you are going for.

Vertical Herb Garden

Arranging your Supermarket Alstroemeria in a Dollar Store Vase

 Like most people, I LOVE having fresh flowers in my home, and one flower that I can't really get enough of lately is Alstroemeria!  Due to its inexpensive price tag, accessibility and longevity (I'm talking $4.99 for a 6 stem bouquet, can be found in most super markets, and lasts up to 2.5 weeks!!!)  In my most recent trip to the supermarket, I picked up a single bouquet and thought I'd show you all how I arrange my Alstroemeria in a Dollar Tree vase and make it look STUNNING!

"Alstroemeria, commonly called the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas, is a genus of flowering plants in the family Alstroemeriaceae." Wikipedia
---And this little tidbit is new to me, Peruvian Lily is much easier to say than Alstroemeria!

Typically, when I see these flowers displayed, they are in tall vases, which I believe is due to the long length of their stems, however, my favorite way to display alstroemeria is in short, fat little vases, specifically the little round glass bowls that I've picked up at the Dollar Tree.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

And sometimes, I arrange them in a mid sized vase, depending on the impact, that I'd like the arrangement to have.

Exhibit C

Because Alstroemeria are so resilient, I don't typically use the flower food, but I did for this "how-to."

Once you've mixed up your flower food in the water . . .

  1. Grab your scotch tape
  2. Create a grid across the opening of your vase
  3. Cut your stems at an angle, ensuring that base of the flowers (where the leaves begin) rest just below the edge of the vase.
  4. Remove any excess or dead/dull leaves so they won't rest in the water, as they will cause the water to get moldy.
  5. Begin placing your flowers along the edge of the vase
  6. Fill each grid until the vase is full. The height of your stems may need to be adjusted to keep the arrangement looking full, just trim them down to your liking.

Isn't she pretty?????

But guess what?  If you add a few garden elements, she can be perfectly stunning!  I went out back and snipped some flowers from my yard.  These Astra Balloon flowers added just the right contrast to make the arrangement a little more interesting.  I snipped only 5 and stuck them in here and there.

The hearty hosta, made a great addition as well, just to provide a little more interest. I added a few around the bottom, and one in the middle.

Stunning!  Just the right touch to brighten up any room!

I hope you all are enjoying your day!


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How to Quickly Transform a Blank Wall with a Basic Bookcase and Styling

In our open floor plan, we have this wall right in between our living room and dining room.  This wall stands as the center of our home and is always a challenge. While I've tried different things here, recently it's been empty.  Well today my husband asked that I take some pics of some bookshelves that he got in an auction to sell, so I figured it would be a fun way to transform this blank wall.
The bookcase started out pretty basic, I gave it a couple coats of my favorite paint color of the year, lol, Behr Private Black, and because this little styling session was on a whim, I shopped my house for items to style it with.

When styling shelves, the secret is layering . . .

and of course cohesion! For this bookcase, I used a theme of whites, browns and natural textures/elements to create this quick little vignette.

A wooden dough bowl, some white vases, printer-paper covered books, and some old magazines for height, help to create interest.

If you follow me on instagram, you should remember my vintage basket plant stand that I scored for $5!!!  I adore it, and I love how it adds texture to this little vignette.

Speaking of texture, I grabbed some basket lids and created an impromptu basket gallery wall.  I also grabbed my produce basket to add some additional texture and balance things out a bit.  Some ideas to fill baskets, especially if your vignette is in the kitchen or dining area:  fruits, vegetables, linen:  like tablecloths, hand towels or place mats.

To create a little area of visual pleasure (my definition for vignette, lol) you don't have to go spend a fortune!  Shop your house, mix and match, pull elements from different rooms, even if it's just temporary.  Doing this, for me, is definitely a mood booster.

What are some of your favorite tricks for shelf styling?


Here's another shelf I styled  (in the same space) using a lot of the same elements:

Bookcase Styling

Deck Refresh: Project #1room30days, The Reveal

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What an amazing month this has been!  This deck refresh project has been so much fun!  In the past 30 days I was able to to take my deck from dinky and drab to large and fab!  With extending our D.I.Y platform deck out four feet, I was able to add separate zones for dining, lounging and entertaining all in 168 square feet!  I am so thrilled to share with you my reveal!  And as in most reveals, this post will have heavy picture overload, so I hope you enjoy!  

No reveal is complete without before pictures:

Our deck before was 10 x 12 and was cluttered with a hodge-podge of thrifted furniture with no real rhyme or reason.  As much as I love my neutrals, I was craving COLOR!  I needed to bring this yard to life!

And after:

With a toddler running through the house like the Tasmanian devil, I now spend MUCH more time outdoors. 

 My main goal was to create a space that was comfortable for us all, inviting when we have company and also pleasing to my eye.  An oasis.  A place I wanted to spend time in.

Green.  Greenery was a must for me!  I love, love, love plants.  I love to be surrounded by them.  In this pot I planted green beans because I love their hearty foliage. Along with the green beans, there is salvia, a little impatients and hosta.

One of my favorite ways to bulk up containers is to split my hosta plants in the spring and place them all around the yard.  They're full, free and best of all they're perennials, so I get to enjoy them year after year!

An umbrella was a must, and this Better Homes and Gardens umbrella was a no brainer with its contrasting stripes and $50 price tag.

My DIY bar/grill cart was definitely a necessity.

It has proven to be so useful for entertaining, it's not perfect, lol, but it definitely serves its purpose, I absolutely love it.

One of my favorite beverages to enjoy on a hot summer day is fruit-infused water or seltzer.  

Strawberries, cucumbers, lemon, lime and mint combined is so refreshing!  Peaches and pineapples are good too ;) But really, the possibilities are endless!

If you follow me on Instagram, I shared how I took this thrift store rattan stool and added a round glass top to make a cute little coffee table for the space.

When we want to have an intimate meal al fresco, we can easily move the "coffee table" out and slide the smaller dining table in to create a cute little dining nook.

I went a little crazy with the throw pillows, but, luckily, I have lots of storage space under the diy bench seating to store them during inclement weather.

Painting and adding the privacy panels to the old picket fence helped to modernize and provide a much sleeker look.

Adding a vertical herb garden serves 2 purposes, it's pretty to look at for "wall decor" and it makes it much easier to snip individual herbs without having to worry about overcrowding in a garden bed.

I purchased this little bamboo stool at a yard sale for $3, and I am completely embracing its imperfections, besides, perfection is overrated! (especially when you have 4 children ;) )

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