Happy 2010!!! 1st Project of the year: An Old School Desk

by - Saturday, January 02, 2010

Phew!  Are the holiday's over?  Thank God, now I can get back to work on some projects!  Wow, my first post of 2010.  Unfortunatley this one is short and sweet becase today is my Birthday, so as to not get caught up in Blogland today I will make this brief! 

Yes, like the title says, it's an old school desk, like from back in the day (although I'm not sure whose day it was from).  I peeped this little gem in GW a few weeks ago for $3.99 and saw some potential in it.  It's quite authentic too, comes complete with a glob of some student's gum underneath too! (Yuck, I know!)

My intentions for this desk were to make it a little homework desk for my son.  So I began working on it using what I had, gray primer and of course, chalkboard paint!

Here is the semi-finished product!

I'll have to go over it with another coat of charcoal gray spraypaint and another coat of chalkboard paint, but you get the point right?  My son loved it so much he couldn't wait to start drawing on the desktop!

Happy New Year!  Here's to a year of new Beginnings, Transformations and Blessings!!!!


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  1. What a good idea using chalkboard paint for the top! I love the way it turned out!!


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