My Kitchen Cabinet Dilemma: Solved, I think?

1:39:00 PM

As you may recall, last Wednesday I posted pics of my kitchen cabinets and described how decorating above them was my dilemma.  Well, I think I’ve solved my problem, with the help of you wonderful readers.

Here is the before:  




and here is the after:



Okay, well it’s a work in progress, but I think it’s a bit of an improvement :)

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  1. oh i like it a lot! i think it really adds a punch up there that you needed!
    i am sure you will be tweaking too as i always do!!

  2. I love it and I'm glad you stuck your cute plate up there :).

  3. Very nice! I keep meaning to do something with the top of my cabinets, but the molding is so high that it obscures whatever I put on top! I have to use pieces of wood to prop things us.

  4. Thanks Ladies! I've already changed a couple of things, but it looks a lot better than it did before, also it makes the kitchen feel more home-y. SkylarKD, I propped my stuff up with old cereal boxes :)


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