Our Home Tour: Peace. Love. Baby Cayden’s Room

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Welcome to my baby’s room, please come in, kick off your shoes and stay a while . . .

Our home is a rental home (hence the builder beige walls), it has 5 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.    We’ve lived here now for almost 3.5 months and finally I am beginning to feel settled.  I’ve decided to begin a “My Home Tour” series.  This tour will begin with my darling, 10 month old Cayden’s room.  His room has evolved from a “nook” area in our master bedroom back home, up north, into his very own room here in the South.  

The decor of this room is what I like to call a “geometric jungle animal” theme,  I have a hard time committing to just one thing, and I’m not really into matchy-matchy theme rooms.  So we began with his crib bedding that I purchased at Overstock.com.  I wasn't in love with it, but I chose this set because I wanted something that coordinated well with our bedding, so the colors were perfect!   Brown, gold, a creamy beige and I added a few pops of baby blue to break up the monotony of the earth tones. The tab top curtains are hung by upholstery tacks, not because I’m too cheap to buy a rod, I’m just too lazy to put the rod up, lol.  The rocking horse was handed down from our 6 year old.  (I'm continuously tweaking, even as I was taking pictures, I was moving things around).

I love this display.  Collages of Cayde’s first few months and one of my daughter and I while I was pregnant with him are displayed over the changing table. 
His dresser was bought at Burlington Coat Factory for $99, it’s made by Bassett, and it is as solid as they come, it takes quite a few people to move it.  I eagle-eyed this thing in the stores for month’s while it sat on Clearance, until they dropped it to a price that I was willing to pay for it.  It was worth.every.penny!  Did you peep the Red Sox hat?  Bostonians through and through!IMG_0553 
In an attempt to start my new year’s resolution of being more green, I repurposed some cardboard boxes with receiving blankets to make decorative storage boxes to fit in the dresser’s cabinet. 

The bottom bins were purchased at Family Dollar, 3 for $5!!!

This cabinet houses wash cloths, extra blankets and his books.

This canvas was purchased at Babies R Us and was a major splurge of $29.99 or something like that, my hubby insisted that we get it.
I’m sure you’ve seen these before, Ikea square mirrors, gotta love these things, they're so versatile, they go perfectly with his bedding theme and they’re CHEAP!

I purchased his convertible crib at Target and I actually like it a lot, it’s sleek and sturdy, too bad the babe won’t sleep in it!

Geometric shelves display his first stuffed animals, football and piggy bank (up high to keep his older siblings from “borrowing” his money) :)

My Goodwill table.  This table was purchased for $4.99, I had planned to paint it, but I decided to “try it out” in the baby’s room and figured it worked as is. 

I also like how the round drawer pulls echo the style of the drawer pulls on his dresser.

I love this photo collage of my then 1-month old little angel.  The pattern and colors of the crib bedding remind me of  a giraffe, that's how I ended up incorporating the jungle animals.

It’s a little weathered and worn, but I like it.  I also repurposed a lap pad as a drawer liner.



 Peace. Love. Baby
Be sure to stay tuned for more on the "My Home Tour Series"

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  1. He has a beautiful room. Well done.

  2. You did a great job on this room! I love the fabric and how you pulled everything together to match. Love the art work too! A perfect room for a little boy!

  3. What an adorable room! You did a great job. I also love that name "Cayden"!

  4. Your son has a fabulous room. I love how you repurposed things. And I love how you have the piggy bank up high so the other kids can't spend his money. Priceless. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  5. I love everything about this room! SO fun to see a boys room! I have three girls!

  6. What a sweet trendy scheme!

    I love the Dreams arrangements and the recycling of the boxes and changing mat!!! :)

    Plus, your boy can grow with the colours without it being too babyish! My son outgrew his baby bedroom pretty soon.... :)

  7. I'm glad your husband had you get the Peace, Love, Baby sign, it's adorable. I love the bedding, too, I'm not "big" into child motifs.

  8. Looks great!! I love the fabric, and your idea of covering boxes with receiving blankets is very smart.

    I'm due in May, so I'm in the midst of hunting down baby decorating ideas - thanks for the inspiration! :)

  9. I love this room!!! and the receiving blanket covered boxes is a GREAT IDEA!!!! I need storage boxes and this is a wonderful "green" idea.

  10. What an adorable room! My most favorite part?? The box wrapped in the blanket... too stinking fab-u-lous!!!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  11. Brown is my favorite color, so I LOVE the room! I also love the great deal you got at Burlington on the dresser. Lucky you! Welcome to the South ... we're glad you're here.

  12. I LOVE that fabric. I do a home tour on Fridays and would love to have your home featured some time. I signed up to follow and hope you will do the same. I look forward to getting to know you better

  13. I love your son's room - it is adorable for him now but it looks like he can grow into it, too. And how smart of you to wrap plain old boxes in fabric to make them pretty! Great job! And thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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