Our Home Tour, Pt. 3: Camp Rock-Star Room

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Growing up in the 80's, my sister and I shared a small bedroom with brown wood paneled walls, brown shaggy carpet and built in brown wooden bunk beds, so we weren't able to change our room around and really inject our own individual personalities into it. So now, as an adult,  I often change my kid's all rooms around when I get bored. 

The next part of "Our Home Tour Series" is my 6 year old daughter, Nia's bedroom.  Nia is a spirited little girl, she's vibrant, beautiful and talented, sweet and divaliscious all together, so her room is a pretty good representation of her personality.  I utterly enjoy decorating kids rooms and this room is a transition from Pink and Princessy to Camp Rock-Stars!  Caution, prepare for PINK overload! Enjoy!

The zebra-striped guitar and tambourine were given to Nia from her Nana.  I think it looks adorable displayed above her bed and can be easily taken down to play rock and roll band with her friends.



 A Jonas Brother decal adorns her mirror above her homework desk/vanity in this pic. If you look closely, you can see a “kiss” mark on the mirror, lol.

I’ve never been a fan of the kids vinyl wall decals, but since we are renting, I fell in love with these rock and roll/star ones that I found at Target and just couldn’t leave them behind.

 To update this lamp shade, I added a vinyl decal and a bow with a coordinating ribbon.

Dresser knobs on screws make up a coat/bag rack.

Her framed artwork and a photo of my princess from her 5th birthday is displayed above a shelf.  Wooden letters are embellished with scrapbooking flower stickers to jazz them up a bit.


Her bed is up on risers, to make room for rolling storage bins (from Ikea), which store her books, toys etc . . . I am in the process of looking for a coordinating bedskirt, maybe something with black and white?


This lamp received a little makeover. I just recovered it with an old tank that my little girl no longer fit. The stretchiness of the cotton contoured to the bones of the lamp really well, so it went from shabby chic to rock and roll sleek, lol ( I crack myself up!)



This dresser is in need of a makeover as well:  a coat of paint and new drawer pulls.  But in the meantime, I took some cues from Melissa at 320 Sycamore and replaced the drawer pulls with grosgrain ribbon and a gimp-like material adorned with colorful clear beads.  This dresser, a hand me down from her big cousin will go right on my list o’ projects that need to be completed.

I recovered an old memo board with some coordinating fleece and added some stars to the buttons to incorporate the “theme”.

IMG_0791 And lastly, in her closet, are boxes of toys that she modeled on.  She gets so frustrated because I won’t ever let her open them.



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  1. love how you used a shirt to cover that lamp! my little girls would LOVE this bedroom! congrats on a job well done!

  2. Carly,

    What a great job job again!!!

    In my opinion ther is no other colour than PINK in a girl's bedroom!! :D

    I love the shade, the coat hooks, the pink telly and the instruments o n the wall!!! Too funky!!! ;)

    You have great talent at doing up romms!! I'm impressed!!

    Nia is alucky girl!

    Have great wkend

  3. I love the room! The guitar above the bed is so cute, Love it!

  4. What a cute room! I love what you did with the lamp and that tambourine is so cute!!~

  5. What a sweet room! And I too scrolled back and forth when I realized the shirt was the lampshade. Super cool!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  6. Oh, this is a fun room. You have lots of great ideas and what I love is that it is not a boring room. I love the star on the wall with all the music and star things around it--It all looks like a very happy room that puts a smile on one's face!

  7. Carli, Very cool room! My little girls would love that :) . We spent 3 years in the Raleigh, NC area...hardly ever got more than a dusting of snow, but last year got several inches! Our kids were the only ones with snowpants (thanks to being from the Midwest!) & had a ball playing in it!!

  8. It's no wonder you love decorating kids rooms, you do such an awesome job!

    I think you're right about a black and white bedskirt. It would coordinate perfectly!

    Redoing the lampshade with a tank top, brilliant idea...and adorable!

  9. What an adorable room. I love both the lamp shades. Just perfect.

  10. Craly,

    But off course I can make star ones!!! I could even add a heart, flower, the letter N...in pink perhaps? ;D

    Thanks for all the lovely comments!!!

    Tomorrow, I am posting the rest of the kicthen make-over (fingers crossed)...When it's out of the way, I will try your suggestion as above!! :)

    Have a great week!!

  11. I cannot let my girls see this room!!! THey are going to beg me to do theirs like that! I love how you did the lamps!

  12. I love your little girls room. I am in the process of fixing both my girls rooms. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  13. I love all the wall decoration and the details you but into this room. Very nice job!!


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