Don't You Just Love a Bargain? and Pottery Barn Knock-Off

4:07:00 PM

Being away from home, and living in the south, there were many things I missed, besides, my friends and family of course, things like the crisp autumn weather, the foliage, the ocean, but most of all my favorite shop---the Christmas Tree Shop, especially at this time of the year!(DISCLAIMER:  Sadly, all photos have been taken with my daughter's Nintendo DSi because my camera has been broken *Tear*)

I stopped in a couple of days ago to do a favor for a friend, and $6.93 later, look what I came out with!!!

2 lamps ( 4.97 with 75% off, I paid $1.27 each!)

2 sets of 3 nestled lanterns (4.97 with 75% off, I paid 1.27 each! and they were originally 9.99!)

10 dish/hand towels (at about .06 cents a piece! originally $1.00 a piece!)
Let me just tell you . . . I walked out of that store beaming and glowing, I've never been more proud to
spend $7 on home decor items in my LIFE!

Look familiar?  I could have easily filled them with candles, but chose instead to fill them with the leaves and pine cones we gathered at our most recent trip to the park. 

So Later on after telling my dear friend about the wonderful steals I got, I went back, we couldn't contain ourselves . . . so check out what else I scored . . .

Nice huh? Sure it has a slight gangsta lean (due to a broken leg), but it will be repaired and besides, I only paid less than 4 BUCKS for it! Can you believe it? It was originally $29.99, then marked down to 14.97 and then and additional 75% off . $4?!? . . it was almost a no brainer! Now I've created a small entryway for my kiddos!  

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  1. awesome deals! I wish we had a C.T.S here in Georgia.

  2. wow!! deals! I must make a trip to my local CTS tommorrow! That's one of my favorite stores too.


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