Spring: Curb Appeal and inspiration for my-$7 Basket O’ Hydrangeas Door Hanging

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I told you all on St. Patty’s day that I would be giving you a little more info on my front door hanging, but I never got around to it, so as I sit here at 4:46am, I decided what better time to type something up than now?
On St. Patrick's day my hubby, Baby Boy and I went on a day trip some 25 miles south of where we live to a town called Wickford.  It’s a very small historic town with beautiful old houses, little shops and markets and a marina. Wickford, is where I got my inspiration for my door hanging.
New England
Despite the cold weather, there’s something about New England . . . something that eludes such an immense sense of history.  Are you up for a really quick tour?  Sure you ARE!
Fresh lobsters anyone?
Gotta love this guy!  Think he’s been on one too many fishing trips . . .

Here are a few pics of some of the gorgeous, historic homes.
This home was built in 1786!
This one was built in the 1600’s!  Can you imagine what the inside must look like????
This home to me, just screams New England… (sorry about the slanted pic, my hubby was driving and was embarrassed that I was taking pictures of people’s homes)
Imagine this church for a late spring/early summer wedding---Gorgeous!!!
I fell in love with this home, but I couldn’t stop to get better pics . . . I love how the brick is all distressed.
and here, here is the simple little basket of (whatever) on this persons door that inspired me.
Sadly, that’s all I’ve got for you, because my camera died!
But on to my Basket O’ Hydrangeas . . .
I ran into Dollar Tree and grabbed this hanging basket, a package of Spanish moss, 3 stems of hydrangeas (I chose the white looking ones as they looked most real), and two stems of tall grass. ( I suppose I should have bought some of that floral foam stuff, but I didn’t---the moss seems to be working well for me).
Here’s what I did:
I emptied the package of moss into the basket.  Fluffed it up some, and arranged the hydrangeas towards the front of the basket, and simply stuck the tall grassy things behind it for some height and dimension.  EASY PEASY!
Then I found some satin ribbon in yellow and instead of fighting myself and trying really hard to make a bow I just tied a knot and cut notches in the ends of the ribbon.
Here it is hung nicely by ribbon on my front door.
But wait! that’s not it . . . 3 years ago, our family suffered a very devastating tragedy when my sister delivered her 4th child stillborn.  His name was Josiah.  He would have been 3 years old on March 4th.  So in honor of Josiah, my children and I planted a shrub(?) in our garden.  But, unfortunately the winter was not too kind to our Josiah tree.  It suffered a broken limb . . .
(excuse all of my mark ups, I got a little carried away)
Although the limb had been broken for a couple of weeks now, it stayed green and even sprouted some blossoms! So I added it to my basket, which I think made all the difference!  Thank you my sweet Angel, Josiah!
What inspires your spring curb appeal?
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  1. What a lovely tribute to your nephew. I am so sorry for your family's loss.

    Your basket looks great! All nice and springy! I've never been to New England, but after seeing your pics I would really love to spend some time there! Thanks for the tour!!!

  2. How charming your basket is on your door- and your touching plant really does make it perfect. Those houses are fantastic too- they sure do provide lots of inspiration! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  3. I actually had to LOL...
    Me: Slow down!
    Husband: Are you serious? Why are you taking pictures of other peoples houses? That's really weird.
    Me: Just drive slower...
    (I do the same thing!)

    I love your basket idea; I see a visit to the Dollar Store in my future : )

  4. Love the flowers on the front door. I know your neighbors loved that you moved in!! (And, what a beautiful famiy - was looking at your kid's photos.) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment! I appreciate that!!


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