Happy Turkey day

11:05:00 AM

Kids playing at the park on a beautiful fall day

As I type, I am sprawled out in my bed.  My turkey is in the oven and my house is filled with the scrumptious aroma of:  baked macaroni and cheese, collard greens, ham, candied yams, corn casserole and stuffing.

My children are running around and dancing along with the performers of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade- as loud as can be. 

When people ask what I am thankful for. . . I'd have to say that these are the moments that I am most thankful for.  

We had planned to have a very low-key holiday this year, no rushing to dress the children and leave the house to make it to our family's homes by a certain time.  

Today we will lounge, enjoy the parade, enjoy each other's company, eat a wonderful meal and praise God for all of our blessings (and then eat again).  I pray that you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!


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  1. Beautiful post Carli! So glad you and your family had a nice day together! I'm exhausted! So I'm going back to bed, but I wanted to pop in to say hi!


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