I'm Dreaming of a BLUE CHRISTMAS! Pt. 1: My faux fireplace (and a little extra)

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I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving AND I hope you all are ready to bring in some holiday cheer with Christmas decorating!  I usually wait a couple of weeks after Turkey day, but this year I felt so inspired to get a head start on my Christmas decor. 
Maybe it has to do with the 50 million home catalog's I've received . . .
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or all of the wonderful inspiration in blog land and on Pinterest.
Well whatever it is, I dug out my jolly stuff today and got started decorating my faux fireplace! 
If you recall I showed a glimpse of it in my my living room updates post.  I purchased the mantel off of craigslist for $30! I had planned to build one, but then found this one which fit the space -- so it saved me quite a bit of work. I would eventually like to add some trim to it to bulk it up a bit . . . ( eventually). 
My hubby cleaned it up and painted the surround white,

 then spray painted the faux brick (inlay?) black. Then it sat in our living room like that for about a month and a half, lol, I slack! 

We later found a piece of wood to use as the base and another piece as a backdrop, and it’s been like that for weeks, lol.  

As you see here with my fall décor:



However, I got really excited today and began decorating it with my Christmas decorations . . .
Then my hubby walked in and supportingly (is that a word?) said, “Wow Babe, that looks great, but it would look even better if you finished off the fireplace”. (He thinks he’s slick with his nonchalant suggestions.) 

But …. he was right . . . Here it is now, in it's finished glory:




And here's the little extra decorating I did today:

Here's "Big Black & Blue" china hutch, from my last post, I added some barn stars and made over the "Family" sign  from my fall mantel with some primer, bahama sea Krylon spray paint and a sanding sponge.


Mantel Before:


Mantel After:

Even though I’ve only scratched the surface of my holiday décor--
I’m so happy I could squeal!!
I’m also EXTREMELY happy because “Santa” brought me an early Christmas present: 
If you have one of these on your Christmas list, consider checking out eBay.com for some awesome deals!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Updated to include newer final Christmas pics of my faux fireplace:

See Pt. 2: Trimming the Tree

See My Final 2011Christmas Decor

Stay blessed,

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  1. Beautiful as always my friend! Awesome deal on the fireplace! Beautiful transformation! Love the way you decorated it for the holidays. I'm really loving your painted hutch too!

  2. Great transportation...I love what Santa brought you :)

    ~Mrs. Delightful

    PS: Thanks for the ebay tip.

  3. Wow I love your faux fireplace. I have been thinking of building one of these for years. I also love all your Christmas touches you have added through out. Looks beautiful. Cheers!

  4. Love your fireplace! Now I want one! You scored a great deal and it looks wonderful.

  5. Santa was really kind! I love your holiday decor. I need to get started, so far... I've only decided in the color scheme... Great job!

  6. Great job on the fireplace. It looks beautiful!

  7. I love that you brought in a faux fireplace! It looks great and like it belongs right in that spot.

  8. I love the faux fireplace! it looks so great... and even better with christmas decorations on it. and i LOVE the candles on the bottom. :)

  9. I love the faux fireplace! What a great idea. Plus the candles look great for the "fire"... way easier than making a real fire! I'm a new follower! I hope you'll follow me back but no pressure.

  10. So pretty. What a great idea to make your own fireplace. I love all the touches of blue in your house.

  11. So beautiful! I love the blue and that pinecone wreath is perfect!Your home looks absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for stopping by mine and Merry Christmas ! ;)

    ps tell Santa I need one of those too!

  12. Oh my goodness! I just love your mantel! I recently put up a floating shelf and added a mirror last night. I'm loving your mantel! My heart is literally beating fast because I wanna work on it NOW! LOL Thanks for the inspiration. (All your deco is just beautiful.)

  13. So so pretty! I love the large pumpkins and pinecone wreath!! Thanks for linking this up!

  14. You did a great job decorating that faux fireplace mantel. Loving the mirror, the wreath, and especially the candles!

  15. It looks beautiful!! What a deal you got on that fireplace! Your holiday decor is really beautiful! I decorate with blue also, so I especially loved looking at all of your photos! p.s. I also really love your throw pillows! :)

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  16. Love your faux fireplace, it looks great! That pinecone wreath is so pretty too. Thanks for linking up!

  17. I Love all your decor and the mantel is awesome!! Great job and thanks so much for linking up today!!


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