I’m Dreaming of a BLUE Christmas Pt. 2: Trimming the Tree and some sad stockings :(

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We picked up our tree for a great price the other day at Walmart.  It’s an 8 footer I think for $32! The last couple of Christmas' we’ve purchased our trees from Lowes or Home Depot and spent at least double that price--so I was pleased. 
Nia snipped the netting . . .

and we let Jyren trim the stem with the jigsaw (with supervision of course) and then began our Christmas tree decorating tradition . . .
(Nia posing in front of the tree-always ready for the camera!  I cheated this year and bought the net of lights (typically for outdoor use) but it covered the tree nicely and evenly except for the bottom.)
Typically we blast Destiny Child's 12 Day’s of Christmas cd and sip some hot chocolate while we all gather around the tree to begin decorating.  Jyren usually helps me drape on the lights and my daughter enjoys hanging the ornaments . . .

But this year it was different.  As annoying as some of the songs may be (sorry Beyonce fans), it just became a tradition to listen to it while we decorated.  But we noticed last year that that cd was showing some wear, like major, major wear.  So we weren’t able to listen to it without it skipping every 2 seconds!
We let Cayden hang the first ornament . . .
and he was very pleased with himself (notice his hacked mohawk? I’m guilty of that)
Then Jy placed the star at the top of the tree.
After that  . . . everyone disappeared!  
My children are growing older(but not that old!), and I’m starting to realize this.  What used to be an event that was so anxiously awaited, became more like a chore for them this year (*tear*). 
Even little Cayden got bored with the tree decorating and found himself preoccupied with a game of cars under the kitchen table.  Every now and then he would give me a heartwarming “Wow!” when looking at the tree, but that was it!

So friends, what’s a girl to do?  Well, I took it upon myself to decorate the tree by myself for a while  . . .
and then I got bored and began guilting the kids into helping me.

Faux fireplace
I added lights and some wood to the faux fireplace, I also  hung the drop cloth stockings that I made last year . . .

Drop cloth Stockings
The names were added using t-shirt transfers.

I hope to redo or reinforce them this year becasue after filling them, they began to tear apart, lol.  I would also love to add a little trim to them--
something like Brandi did with her beautiful stockings at Don’t Disturb this Groove (you have to go visit her to see them!)
Overall I’m pleased with my tree. I’m sure there will be lots of tweaking (like removing that spool of ribbon Cayden added), but it’s coming along!  Until next time!

Check out the sad thing that happened to us with our tree here.

Michaela Noelle

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  1. This will be still be such a wonderful memory even though the kids were so easily distracted!! I pretty much do my tree by myself too! But that's fine with me, I can decorate it the way I want! :)) Your photos of your family are just beautiful!!

  2. Oh yeah and your tree is beautiful too!

  3. Hey Carli! Your tree and decorations look great! I love the blue and silver together. Can you believe I've never had a real tree?! Well, my parents always had a real tree when I was younger, but since I've been married all fakes! LOL! I can totally relate to the kids losing interest this year. My kids usually hang the candy canes, then leave!! Thanks for linking to me in your post. I happy that you enjoyed the stockings!

  4. Haha, I thought I was the only one that listened to that cd lol. It has been on rotation since last week:) You Christmas decor looks beautiful!

  5. Your family is beautiful and I love the tree and decor, such a lovely home. I too feel sad about my girls growing up on me, they aren't interested in sharing in too much family time doing tree trimming etc. I am excited to have my baby boy to share new explorations with because my older two are almost grown.

  6. Your holiday décor elements are beautiful… Our tween is also getting older and is less enthused about certain holiday traditions… At least they will have wonderful holiday memories to look back on. :)

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  7. It looks very pretty. Nice job.

  8. What a pretty tree! Silly kids--I just adore decorating the Christmas tree!


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