Oh (NO!) Christmas Tree! Conifer Aphids-Bah-Hum BUG!!

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giant conifer aphid virginia 300x218 Giant Conifer Aphid infestation on Christmas Tree
Well you might remember a couple of weeks ago (10 days ago to be exact!) I wrote this post about my family and I putting up our Christmas tree.  Well a couple of days ago, I noticed that the tree was turning brown-like really, really brown, but I wasn't sure why.   I honestly assumed the kids weren't doing there duty of watering the tree.  

Well today after spending my day wrapping presents, I began to place the gifts under the tree---when what to my wandering eyes did appear, but a million nasty black spider things crawling around the bottom of the tree skirt!!!  I was so disgusted! At first I thought the culprit was the pointsetta that I had recently moved near the tree.  I cleaned and disinfected the area and disposed of the pointsetta. I later went back to the tree to attempt arranging the presents again, and there they were again, scattered around the bottom of the tree!
Here's an actual bug that was on my floor (picture 20-30 of them!) 
OMG! So I Google searched "Christmas tree bug infestation" and found out that these spider things are Giant Conifer Aphids.  

Conifer AphidsTend to form colonies on individual trees. They secrete honeydew, which is eaten by ants and wasps and provides the substrate for sooty mold fungus. May cause some stunting or even death on small or already-stressed hosts, but generally not a serious threat.“  Any threat they might have posed to the tree upon which they had been feeding is irrelevant because the tree died when it was cut.  Other than being a nuisance in your home, the Giant Conifer Aphids that fled your Christmas tree as it began to dry out will not cause any further damage, unless there is a potential host tree living nearby that they can infest.
 via whatsthatbug.com

Yikes! The website goes on to say that they cause no harm to humans, but I don't know about you--but me no like giant 6 legged insects crawling around my home!

So if you thought I was sad about putting up our tree this year, imagine my devastation having to take it down before Christmas!  Well at least I was able to get a little more participation taking it down.

I have never, ever in my life experienced this before.  Now I have to decide if we will purchase another tree or not.

If you want info on how to Keep Your Christmas Tree Free From Bugs visit About.com

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  1. Oh no!!! Just get a fake one!!!! That would freak me out too! I am too scared to look at my tree too hard now!!!

  2. AAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Talk about the heebeegeebees!!!!

    ok. in a word. Fake. Tree.

    here's another. Craigs List.

    good luck. oh so awful!


  3. Oh MY stars! I am headed out to get a tree this weekend and I am soo sorry to hear this happened to you. I'm going to be looking all over the place now... I no likey bugs either.

  4. I'm sorry your family had to go through this :(.

    ~Mrs. Delightful


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