The Cutest Photo Ornaments/Magnets Ever!

by - Sunday, December 20, 2009


Usually at some point during the weekend I have my niece and nephew over to spend time with their cousins, and usually during this time I try to have something constructive ready for them to do.  Well tonight was no different, we made photo “Pixie” ornaments.  I got my inspiration for this craft from Wendy at The Shabby Nest’s Pixie tutorial.  They look absolutely amazing on my tree, check them out:

 IMG_9942 IMG_9943
Could they be any cuter????  The kids got frustrated and bored with the project and I ended doing it all alone until the wee hours of the night, but I had a blast!
IMG_9954  IMG_9955

I love how my little “Santa” is perched on my “DREAM” letters on a shelf in my bed room.
I will post more pictures tomorrow of the ones the kids made, my niece made the cutest magnet pixie of herself, by just hot gluing a circle magnet to the back.  What mom, grandmother, aunt, uncle wouldn’t want to display these little cuties year round on their refrigerator or at the office? These would make awesome gifts!  Check out Wendy's Pixie Tutorial at the Shabby Nest.

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  1. These are so extremely cute. I love it! I can't wait to try doing this. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Oh my...these are so cute! What a cute idea!! My kids are in HS and College but I think I am going to dig up some older photos and make these as a surprise for them. Thanks for sharing these! I love them!

  3. Your DIY is DE liciously lovely!

    Have a merry and bright Christmas.

  4. To cute, you did a great job. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  5. aww, this is SOOO adorable! I love this idea.


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