For the love of Chalkboard Paint!

by - Thursday, December 10, 2009

I found this lovely painted platter on Stacey's Blog, The Blessed Nest, and knew I had to try it! Thank You so much Stacey, for the inspiration!

See my before and afters:

It went from-large decorative plate/platter thing-a-majig from my purple days, that I couldn't even give away at a yardsale . . .

to a beautiful chalkboard decorative plate/platter thing-a-majig displaying family values, that I LOVE!!!

Here's a closer look:

Ahhhh, for the love of CHALKBOARD spray PAINT!  Fab!

Don't be surprised if I send you one for Christmas ;)

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  1. Oh I LOVE IT!!!! I would love to receive one for Christmas!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!! :-)This is right up my ally!!! Laura

  2. That's a fabulous gift! I'll take one too!!
    Love Mom
    13 days left

  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE it! You need to link this to some parties girlfriend and let it be seen by the masses. Link up Monday night at 10EST on A Soft Place to Land. It's too cute.

  4. Thanks Ladies, it was sooooooo easy too (of course, or I probably wouldn't have done it, lol) Beth, THANKS! I'll definitley link up on Monday!

  5. This is really sweet!! thanks for stopping by over at my blog :) i see in your profile that you are a North easterner transfered to the south! if you consider MD the NE then I too have been bitten but the North Carolina bug! been here 7 years now. i think Ill take some time to look around your blog now :) take care!!


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