Jesus is the Reason for the Season . . . Putting CHRIST back in CHRISTmas

Ever since I started this blog (a whole 7 days ago), I’ve felt the need to take notes on every aspect of my life and report to you (my readers) what happens and the goings on of my day.  So here goes:  Around Christmas time Hubby and I usually begin reading stories at night or singing Christmas carols by the Christmas tree with the children while sipping on some hot cocoa.

This year, Big Jy asked if Santa was in the bible, and of course I know that he is not, but I had to find a way to explain to him that Santa gives us gifts to represent how God gave the world Jesus as a gift, and before he had a chance to ask me anymore questions, I googled “Santa Christmas Jesus” (without him knowing, because of course us mom’s are the smartest people in the world and should know all things).  While in my search, I came accross this article from, “Jesus and Santa Claus, Teaching Your Child the Difference Between the Two“. I thought it was interesting and resourceful for parents to educate and entertain your children for the coming holiday.  So I have decided to begin a bible reading countdown to Jesus’ birth by reading Matthew 1:18-25 and all of  Luke 1 and verses 1-20 of Luke 2,  reading 2-3 pages a night and then having a question and answer period at the end. 

Too many people are intimidated by the bible, if this is the case I suggest you purchase a children’s bible, hubby and I have quite a few bible’s but when reading to the children or if I need a clear understanding of a bible verse, I turn to the NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers.  This Bible is an excellent gift for young readers or for parents of young children to read to.  So I just thought I’d share my Christmas Bible reading countdown with y’all (learning that southern drawl).


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