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by - Tuesday, January 26, 2010

As a stay at home mom of 3 kiddos, my “me time” is extremely limited.  Things that I enjoyed doing in my “me time” before we moved were going to get my eyebrows threaded, mani-pedis and dinner and drinks with my friends, but now that I’ve moved, I haven’t made many new friends yet.
So now that I’ve moved and have no friends, my “me time” consists of either going to the grocery store with my sister (thank GOD she moved here) or watching late night movies while the rest of the family is fast asleep.  It’s the only time my home is quiet and peaceful, the only time I am able to get some peace of mind.  Last night my movie of choice was Sex in the City.  I wasn’t a huge follower of the show, because I’m not normally much of a TV person, but it made for good “me time” last night.
While watching the movie it made me realize quite a few things about myself.  It made me realize how much I miss my friends; having their support on good days and bad.  I also realized that being a stay at home mom has been enabling me to kind of- let myself go.  Before becoming a stay at home mom, I enjoyed getting up for work and doing myself up-wearing heels, makeup and nice clothing, now I get up, get the kids ready for school, throw on some sweats and sit on the computer in bed nursing “little guy” most of day.  I miss taking the commuter rail to downtown Boston and walking 1.5 miles through the Boston Common, taking the green line to Fenway and walking past Fenway Park to get to the office.  I miss the sights, the smells and the energy of the city.  Now, I never walk, although it’s the winter, it’s not that cold, I should get up and get active again.  At the same time, I know that I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to be home with my children, to get up with them in the morning and be home for them when they get home.  To be able to take the time and spend the day planning out meal plans and sprucing up my home however I please.  It’s just that lately, I feel like I’m missing a part of “me”.
This movie has made me realize that I’ve been in a funk, a serious, serious F.U.N.K!  So I’ve decided to make a change today.  Rather than snacking myself into oblivion and sitting around being lazy in bed on the computer, I woke up and got dressed, did my hair and even put on makeup! 
lele I made myself a delish and healthy brunch!  An egg beater-feta omelet, with a fresh spinach and tomato salad and  a sausage patty.  I also plan to dust off the baby’s stroller and take advantage of this sunny but cool day-well, maybe ;) baby steps, baby steps . . .
I also decided to re-examine my home decor.  When you decorate, besides being conscious of trends, do you think of how the decor makes you feel? I took down some framed art work that I’ve had hanging in various places in my home(s) for the past 5+ years.  The artwork used to make me feel good, warm and cozy, now it’s almost become a downer for me and for my hubby as well.  I also decided to  get rid of all of my dark winter decor, although spring is still months away.  I took down my dark drapery panels and just let the sun beam in.  I cleared out the little bit of all of the furniture and plan to start from scratch for the spring.

(Told ya we had no furniture, that ikea  couch thingy is temporary until I find a couch set that I LOVE and don’t ask what’s hanging from that window, but that blue thing on the floor will be replacing it-HELLO-Spring!)
As mothers/wives/girlfriends, we tend to put other people’s needs first and our needs last, and in time we end up losing ourselves (as Samantha felt in the movie).  And often times while doing so, we become depressed or get ourselves in a rut as I have. 

If you feel this way, I challenge you to do something for yourself today, whether it’s painting your toe nails, or just changing your hair style, just do something that you want to do!  Even the tiniest of changes can make a humongous difference in the way that you feel.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Amen girlfriend! Well said, and yes..I can so relate. Winter blues don't help either. I'm trying to commit to doing Zumba at least 3x's a week to keep from blowing up like a beach ball. It's tough to be a SAHM, especially without girlfriend support! If your church has a MOPS group (or if there is one in your area) I encourage you to get involved. It's been a lifesaver for me.

  2. I can totally relate...TOTALLY! I am a stay at home mom too. It has it's ups and downs. The weight went up and my glam went down :o( But good for you for starting to kick your f.u.n.k. to the curb!

  3. I am very sorry to hear that you are in a funk, as I can relate to that.. BUT you looked abolutely smashing today, so that's a great start! (and the background looks really good too) My only advice is to make a little time for yourself every day. It really helps.

  4. Thank you for this great post! I can tell you're moments away from being Funk Free! :) I hope to join you. :)

  5. Well like my sister Carli, I too am a SAHM. So, I took her advice and got off my butt!! I started my excersise and diet regimen two days ago and even gave myself a mani and pedi.

    Thanks Carli for your Sex and the City inspiration!! love ya!!

  6. You are off on a better track! Good for you! I highly recommend taking walks with the baby. Mine was born in the winter, but after the first 2 weeks I started taking him on walks all the time. (I had a sling carrier and liked it better than the stroller for fitness, baby's warmth, easier travel on uneven ground, and having his little face near mine!) We had a great time, and it kept me from feeling so cooped up at home.

    My best tip for quickly shaking off a funk is The Seven-Minute Stretch. Just doing a short period of simple exercise vastly improves my mood and energy level!


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