State of the Reno Series: #The1878byCarli Bathroom Renovation

In my last post, I shared a different perspective of #The1878byCarli, providing you guys with 3d images of our floorplan.  Today we are getting down to business, with our 2nd floor bathroom reno in full effect.  We’ve been working hard over this past week continuing some demolition (which we wish we had completed during the demo of the rest of the house -but that’s a post for another day).

Let me refresh your memory as to what this space looked like when we bought the house:

I know guys, its pretty darn gross.  My hubs and I hemmed and hawed over what we would do, considering the downstairs bathroom is tiny, and the footprint of this bathroom isn’t much bigger.

We didn’t really want to remove the tub and tile walls, but the rest of the space had to go-

This is a view of the rear hallway, my daughter’s room is straight ahead, hall closet is on the left, and then the bathroom is the door after the closet.

Check out our progress thus far:

This past week we came up with a plan to steal some space from the adjacent, super narrow closet that extended the length of the bathroom.

Before the 2nd phase of Demo occurred

The closet wall is coming down
Oh, so much plaster!

Cleaning up all of the debris
Ahhhhhh . . .a much more open space

Taking down the wall, allowed us to almost double the floor space, going from 30 sq. feet to 54 sq. feet!  Such a huge difference when it comes to a bathroom!

This is where we left off as of last night

I’m currently working on some plans for this space, I can’t wait to share with you!  Check back next week to see my plans for this bathroom!

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