Mini Spring Porch Refresh

This post is in partnership with Christmas Tree Shops andThat! a brand I’ve been pretty much obsessed with for my entire life, so you can guarantee that all expressed opinions are 100% my own.

In the world of home decor and DIY, I find that when bloggers talk about makeovers or making updates there are usually phases involved.  Phase 1 meaning, just doing some cosmetic updates, phase 2:  usually updating one major item, and then there’s phase 3:  like a complete overhaul.  Well in my case I like to call phase 1, a “Mini.”  Our side porch is REALLY in need of a phase 2, needing new flooring, but its not much of a priority at this point in time.  With the help of Christmas Tree Shops, I gave my side porch a mini refresh, with some new patio furniture and decor just in time for Spring entertaining.

Our space has pretty much looked like this over the past few months.  While we LOVE our outdoor sectional, it is going to be moved to my “hypothetical” patio that I hope to have complete by the end of summer, and honestly for it to fit out here, I needed to break it apart.

So I went to Christmas Tree Shops on the hunt for some Patio Furniture that fit the scale of our small side porch.  Ideally, I was looking for either two rocking chairs and a small table, or a cute little bistro set to enjoy a some coffee or a glass of wine on after a long day.

I’ve sung my praises about Christmas Tree Shops over and over again, and I promise you, my love for the store will never end.  I can’t tell you how many items in my home that I’ve purchased there over the years and how many people ask me about

One of the first items I purchased were 3 of these large black hanging lanterns, along with some plant hooks and battery operated candles.

After searching three different Christmas Tree Shops (the inventory is ever changing, (you never know what you’ll find) I decided to go with my first instinct and purchased the Jakarta 3-piece Teak Bistro Set.  You know how you see something and then you just can’t stop thinking about it?  Yup, that’s how I felt about this set, but the optimist in me kept thinking I might find something else.

This set came in two boxes and was easy to transport.  I was so thrilled to find that I didn’t have to do any assembling, because it all folds up super easily, so it’s great if you need to put it away for winter storage.

  I have a list of items that I always turn to Christmas Tree Shops for:

  1. Planters/Vases
  2. Plates/serve ware
  3. Seasonal Decor

Let’s be honest, my list goes on and on, but I’m trying to keep your attention here, so I’ll move on, HA!  But these beautiful hanging planters, I just couldn’t resist, and at $5.99 and $7.99 the price couldn’t be beat!

Filled with an overflowing angel plant and a small collection of hosta, these planters really add life and a feeling of coziness to the porch.

I also grabbed these adorable little votive holders, although I’m currently using them to hold sprigs of fresh greenery.

One thing about our old Victorian is that you’d never guess, based on the style of our house that we live harbor side.  About 300 feet from the ocean to be exact, so I wanted to go with a coastal vibe of blues, warm wood, sand and white.

Although I had planned to update the porch floor paint, we had a complete week of rain and less than 50 degree weather (grrrrr, #onlyinnewengland), so I unfortunately had to wait.  But a a neutral sand colored rug, that fit perfectly under the bistro set worked out wonderfully!

I love the warm wood of this bistro set against the white deck railing, and how well the indigo blue compliments the Teak wood.

A weatherproof basket holds a beautifully overflowing fern, and fresh herbs sit in planters along the porch.

A simple chair cushion, and throw pillow were all that was needed to make this space say “Stay a while.”

And the hanging lanterns provide a warm ambiance at night.

So, if I am going to be completely honest—-I was able to pull this space together in an afternoon.  Updating a space doesn’t always take a whole bunch of time and planning!  Sometimes, just small updates can be the most rewarding.

What spaces do you plan to refresh this Spring?

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