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French Door In Kitchen with peg holder

Neccesity is the mother of all invention, right?  Well that’s exactly how this DIY Square Dowel Peg Hanger came to be.  I had a simple wooden peg hanger that I had purchased a while ago, but it mysteriously disappeared (aka my husband probably threw it away—he does that often). After searching high and low for it throughout the house, and knowing I couldn’t just run out and grab one (hello quarantine!), I knew I had to make my own DIY square dowel peg hanger!  See below for the simple tutorial, however, if you’re not about #thatdiylife, you can purchase a similar one here. (affil link)

What I’ve Been Up To

But first let me backup—I realize I’ve been a bit absent from the blog over the past few weeks, but, like many of you I needed to take some time to adjust to the “new normal” this coronavirus has forced us to embrace.  I, like all of the introvert memes, am rather unbothered by the stay at home part, but adjusting to distance learning has been interesting—mostly though,  I’ve just enjoyed the undistracted family time.

The first week at home, I was sick with a cold, the second week I spent recovering, and this past week I was kicking but on house projects.  Including this sweet little corner of our kithen.  This is the door to our side porch:  one of my favorite spots of our house, but if you had seen it last week you wouldn’t have recognized it.

To make a long story short, previously this corner held stacks of scrap wood and brooms and lots of dusty stuff, but this past week, I fixed that—I added casing around the door, baseboards and painted the door Sherwin Williams Obsidian Glass.

Once all was done, it was time to make this little area pretty and functional–it was the perfect spot to add some greenery and a cute little kitchen hanger to hang dishtowels, or a cute dustpan, or maybe even items that would be used on the side porch in the warmer months.

Necessity is the Mother of All Invention

DIY Peg Hanger

I grabbed a couple of pieces of scrap wood and got to work.  This simple project can be done in less than a hour!

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DIY Square Dowel Peg Hanger

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 Square Dowel (at least 15″)
  • 1-1″x3″ Common Pine Board
  • 1- Sanding Block
  • Wood Glue
  • Nail Gun and 1″ Brad Nails
  • Tape Measure
  • Pen
  • Wood Filler
  • Paint or Stain (optional)
  • Miter saw or miter box and hand saw


Grab your supplies!

Mark and cut your dowel into 5- 2-1/4″ sections.

Next, carefully cut one end of each dowel at a 45 degree angle.

Sand any rough areas lightly with your sanding block.

Lightly dip the mitered end of the dowel into some wood glue.

Firmly press your pegs onto your 1×3 board.  For spacing, I found the center of my (19″) 1×3 board for the first peg, and then worked outward from there leaving approximately 4″ between the pegs. The outer pegs ended up being about an inch from the edges.  There’s really no exact science here, I just sort of eyeballed mine.

To ensure that my pegs were all straight and level, I lined up a straight edge (1×2) at the edge of my board as a guide.

Carefully and firmly hold your pegs in place as you shoot your nail about 1/2″ from the base of your peg.

Clean up any excess nail glue and fill your nail holes with wood filler.

To hang, I simply drilled a hole 2″ from each end of the board for screws.  I left my hanger natural but you ca finish it however you please, the possibilities are endless!



I absolutely love when I’m forced to be creative, and being stuck at home has definitely made me use some ingenuity to get things done.

For a few more easy woodworking project ideas click here.


I hope everyone is well! Stay safe! xo




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