Hosta House Kitchen Details Pt1: Flooring, Counters, and a Range hood, Oh My!

Hi friends! Popping in with a quick kitchen renovation update, since a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks. If you’d like to see where we started, you can check out this post for a bunch of before pictures and plans for the space.

So over the past couple of weeks, we had hardwood floors installed, counters installed and I put in some work on my DIY Rangehood.  I decdied to DIY one, like I did here in the past.


Below you can see some of the flooring process (excuse the crappy iPhone photos).


The kitchen flooring in this house was a gray laminate floor that, honestly was not that bad, and was fairly new. However, the way that it butted up against the warm wood floors in the dining room irked my soul. I’m really not all that nit-picky, but I think that was one of my biggest pet peeve- in this home.

So all of this to say the hubs and I worked pretty quickly last week to remove the laminate flooring and had the wood floor installer here installing wood floors that matched the rest of the main level throughout our kitchen.

We lucked out because there was a half used box of flooring in the garage from the living room when we moved in, so we were able to get the name and model of the floors to match them up. We used Bruce prefinished hardwood floors in Plano Marsh. Is it the trendiest wood floor color? No, but it’s classic, and as one of my local friends pointed out, “it feels right for New England,” -plus it’s a huge improvement from the laminate in my opinion.

You might be wondering? Isn’t it a bad idea to install wood floors in a kitchen?

Well, not really. We had wood floors in the kitchen of our old house and we loved them. We never had an issue with them either. Plus, I didn’t see a tile that I loved enough to have in such a big space.

Here’s some of the progress:

We even tackled the “utility room.” Once we decided to update the floors in this little room, it became a domino effect.

We then realized we would have enough slab leftover from our counters to replace the counters, and then if we were going to replace the counters we figured we might as well update the cabinets while we were at it.  So we installed some unfinished wood cabinets that I can finish to my liking.

Next up was the counter tops.  Although we are still waiting on two cabinets from the Home Depot, we decided to move forward with the countertop installation, because we really wanted, no scratch that, NEEDED a kitchen sink.  The counter tops we chose are Mont Lucia Quartzite by Daltile and they are stunning!!!  Daltile has graciously gifted us a slab, and we were lucky enough to have enough for me to get a slab backsplash behind the stove, something I’ve always, always wanted.

It’s such a beautiful stone, and slightly different from the typical white counter tops we see so often. And I am just in love with the dramatic veining behind the stove.  Here you can see the beginning of my DIY Rangehood cover, I’ll be sharing more on that as I wrap it up.

I’m so excited to see this kitchen come to life!


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