Easy Spiced Winter Sangria

In search of a festive beverage 🍹to serve at your next holiday get together? Today I’m sharing the easiest way to jazz up your favorite bottled Sangria.

Whenever I have get togethers, Sangria is usually my drink of choice to serve.  In the Winter, I love to jazz up a fuller bodied red wine, so I use Yellow Tail Sangria, because it’s citrusy with a bit of spice . And in the summer I use a lighter, sweeter bottled Sangria by Carli Rossi.  Sangria is relatively easy to serve and it’s usually a hit for a crowd!


  • Yellow Tail Sangria
  • Ice
  • Orange Slices
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Sprigs of Rosemary
  • you could also add apples, cranberries and lime!


-1 Tbsp of sugar 

-1 Tbsp brown sugar

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1/8 tsp ground cloves (optional)

What to do:

✨Cut an orange wedge and moisten the rim of the glass.

✨Rim the glass with sugar and spice mixture and let sit for a few minutes to allow the sugar to harden.

✨Fill your glass with ice and a few tsp of pomegranate seeds and then pour your Sangria.

✨Garnish with an orange slice, sprig of rosemary and a cinnamon stick and enjoy!

If you’re  making this for a crowd, pour your Sangria in a large beverage dispenser to make serving easier. Add orange slices, a sliced lime, and a sliced apple.

Leave the pomegranate seeds on the side as garnish as they tend to get stuck in the tap, causing it to clog.

Rim several glasses beforehand and place them next to your beverage dispenser on a nice tray. Serve additional garnishes on the side and allow guests to help themselves.


Spiced winter Sangria

I hope you enjoy this simple recipe. Happy Holidays!

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