The Other Side of The Attic

Okay, so the title of this post sounds like the title of a horror film, but to be honest, my next project is quite the opposite. We are creating a creative/collaborative space on the other side of the attic for our kiddos.

Photo from the first day we viewed the house
Photo from the first day we viewed the house

For the past year it has, for the most part, been used as storage for my daughter’s couponing stash, but we’ve been working overtime this past week to change that.

Photo of the attic when the kids brought up the folding table.

It all came about one day when I saw that my two older kids took it upon themselves to bring up a folding table and set up their computers and music equipment to record.

When I went up to the attic to see what they were up to, I felt so happy that they had found a use for the space, but then I also felt bad because it really didn’t feel like a nice finished space for them.

Photo of the finished side of the attic

When we worked on my daughter’s Attic room last year, we added Shiplap to the full attic ceiling and drywall to the end walls, but other than that it was still feeling mostly unfinished which is why I decided to tackle it for my first project of the New Year.

Photo of the other side of the attic we are currently working on

So far, we’ve primed the far wall, dry fit the wall to wall desk, and we managed to get some knee walls up on both sides of the space.

Knee walls are great because they help to better define an attic space, making it feel less like a space, and more like a room.  Knee walls are especially great if you’re able to utilize the awkward the space behind them as storage!

During the process of building the knee walls, I did keep one section available for storage.  I built the knee wall around a cubby, that way it would block the opening but still allow her to have access to storage! I plan to add backing to the cubby to hide the storage space.

What’s left to do:

  • Install the wall-to-wall desk
  • Paint the knee walls
  • Decide on Feature Wall
  • Stain desktop (Plywood)
  • Add some trim and baseboards
  • Paint the water stained floors
  • and bring in some furnishings

Not too bad, right? Actually, now that I’ve listed it out, I realize I still have quite a ways to go.  This is how all of my projects start, with a really simple project outline and then somehow it snowballs into a much bigger project.  I’m excited to share more as this project unfolds, stay tuned! 

Click here to see the reveal.


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