Holiday 2022: Simple Gift-Wrapping Station and My favorite Gift-Wrapping Hacks

We’re officially 5 days away from Christmas—By now, we should have our shopping done and presents ready to be wrapped! KIDDING— I just purchased my first gift this week🤦🏾‍♀️! But if you’re better than me, and you’re ready to wrap up all your gifts (pun intended), here’s a quick and easy way to create a simple gift wrapping station.  All you need is a few 3-4’ dowels, depending on the length of your paper, and some screw in cup hooks!

I happened to have some free space in my pantry, under an open shelf, but you could screw these in to the underside of cabinets too.  (This can possibly be done with command hooks and mounted to a wall for damage-free hanging, although I haven’t tried this.)

gift wrapping station

To corral my ribbons and wrapping supplies, I used this metal basket and fed my ribbon onto a dowel, and placed them in the basket, resting the dowel on the the handles.  This makes dispensing ribbon so easy.

Gift Wrapping Hacks (See my video below):


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  • No boxes are off limits, cereal boxes, cracker boxes, amazon boxes can all be reused, cereal boxes make the best shirt boxes!  They’re also great to disguise gifts.

  • Wrap small awkward gifts in paper lunch sacks

  • Extend your wrapping paper with a seam



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  1. Molly
    January 11, 2023 / 11:57 am

    What a good idea for the ribbon! Thanks!

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