DIY Jewelry Organizer

If you’re anything like me, you know the struggle of keeping your closet neat and tidy. I recently spent some time organizing my closet in an effort to truly maximize the space because it was a hot mess, so much so, I didn’t even take a before pic. It’s an average sized closet, 2 doors standard depth, but it just wasn’t working for us.

To make it better, I added a second bar, and it absolutely transformed our closet, doubling the space.  After that, I was on a roll.

The next thing I set my sights on was my jewelry:

This little jewelry holder was not cutting it.

With my newly organized closet, I was able to free up some space on the closet door. So I decided to utilize that space to organize my jewelry.

This is what I came up with: A simple frame highly customized to my personal jewelry/accessory needs.

I used 1x3s to make the frame and 1×2’s to act as support across the top/back . . .

DIY Jewelry Organizer

and also to create shelves or sections. Each shelf has a different purpose customized to my storage needs. The 1×2’s are attached with screws on the sides. I used 3/4” cup hooks for earrings . . .

and on the bottom shelf, I nailed screen trim to the front to store toiletries.

I even used a 1×2 “shelf” to store my headbands.


I’m kept one section with just enough space to hand long necklaces.  They can easily be accesses by unclasping them, or by sliding the dowel out from the cup hook.

My biggest challenge

I needed to come up with a solution to store my stud-backed earrings, when I pulled them all out, I realized I had a whole lot more than I thought I had.

Drywall tape to store stud earrings

I came to find that mesh tape, attached to a dowel (with hot glue) worked perfectly to hold the earrings.

And the finishing touch was adding another piece of screen trim to the second shelf, to store nail polish.


To attach it to the door, I had to attach 1×3’s to the top and bottom of the piece with screws and then attached it to the door with the screws. Although I had planned to screw it to the door, the inside panel of our door is very thin, so it needed to be attached to the top portion of the door, and then nailed into the bottom portion with small nails just to keep it from moving.

I am absolutely overjoyed to have this organized space to keep all of my things.

I may finish it with paint or stain eventually, but I’m sort of on this real life update kick. Where I’m just focusing on crossing things off of my list. No over beautifying and perfectionism, really just focusing on making everything work for me.  What do you think, would you try something like this? If not, I’ve rounded up a bunch of affordable options to buy one☺️

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