Back to the Mudroom PT2: DIY Shoe Storage

Yesterday I worked really hard to complete the shoe storage niche in the mudroom.

I mentioned before that I had built a shoe storage bench, that is huge and holds a ton of shoes, but there were a few problems with it:

1) Shoes were often placed thrown inside and then lost forever.

2) Shoes are inside the bench are sort of a mess, it’s just a pig pile of shoes which 🟰 no bueno.

3) The kids often place their book bags on the bench or I place my Amazon returns on top and it’s just not as accessible as I had originally envisioned

So for my first iteration of the niche—which was originally the doorway that went through what is now the pantry and then into the house. But once we decided to create a direct doorway into the house, and close off the pantry doorway to create more cabinet space in that area, we drywalled the doorway creating a little niche where we previously hung coats.

So my thought with the shoe storage shelf is that it’s visible, and extremely obvious that shoes should go there. And that it is very obvious so there should be no confusion.

Here’s the inspiration I had for this niche:

Mudroom shoe storage rack
While I had fully I tended on building the shelves, I remembered that I actually had two stacking bamboo shoe shelves in our basement that weren’t being used, and they were the exact width to fit into the niche. So my wheels started turning.

”How can I make this look custom and built-in”

First things first I separated the shelves from the racks . . .

Mudroom Shoe Storage

then I created a face frame out of 1x2s on the inside of the niche.

Because my niche is only 12” D, I wanted to make sure the shelves/shoes didn’t protrude beyond that.

So I added horizontal supports to the back wall of the niche, and then used square dowels as shelf supports but at a slight slant to save some room.

Once that was complete I needed to build out the top. I started by adding another 1×2 across the face frame. And another on the back of the niche to support the top or counter.

For the counter, I used a pine stair tread, because I liked the look of the rounded front edge. I cut it to size and then installed it on top of the supports with Brad nails. Rather than extend the shelving all the way to the top, I decided to use the top portion as a drop zone. So I framed it out with some scrap wood.

it’s always ugly before it’s pretty

Next it was time to caulk, fill nail holes and paint.

And here is what it looked like after all that was done:

We ended up hosting Easter, and this shoe rack came in quite handy, although I had to train my family every time they walked in the door😁.

Still, lots to do here!  This week my main focus was filling in trim, touching up paint, and working on the floor.  Be sure to head to my Instagram Mudroom Highlight to see behind the scenes.

I’ll be back shortly to discuss the dreaded floor!





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