Transforming the Breezeway, Part 1: Before photos & Demo

Friends! Renovation projects are always filled with excitement and anticipation, and our latest endeavor is no exception. We’ve decided to tackle the awkward, underused enclosed breezeway in our home, transforming it into a functional and beautiful utility room. Let me take you through our vision and progress so far.

The Breezeway: An Awkward Space with Potential

This breezeway is the main entrance we use off of our driveway, and it’s been such a source of embarrassment that we often make people walk to the front door to avoid showing the space.  Our breezeway measures approx. 10×16 feet, and it’s always been a bit of a challenge. With six doors and three windows, it’s an odd configuration that hasn’t lent itself well to any particular use. For years, it’s been a neglected area, serving as a catch-all for random items that didn’t belong anywhere else. But now, we’re ready to give it the attention it deserves and make it a valuable part of our home.

A Vision for Functionality and Beauty

Our goal is to turn this space into a pretty utility room, a place where practicality meets charm. We need storage for pots and gardening supplies, as well as a spot for the kids’ sports equipment. But we don’t want it to just be functional; we want it to be a pleasant space to spend time in.

Here’s some inspo that I’ve gathered from pinterest:

via Love the brick floor, Dutch door, and the painted ceiling.


via  Love the floor and wood paneled walls and ceiling.


via I love the tones in this space and the wood ceiling.


via I love the storage in this space and how it flanks the door.

The Breezeway Pre-Demo:


To start, we’ve removed the current shingle siding and acoustic tiles. These outdated materials didn’t reflect the style we love or the New England charm we want to emphasize. Stripping these away has already made a huge difference, making the space feel fresher and more open.

Embracing New England Style

Our renovation plans include installing vertical shiplap on the walls and a wood beadboard ceiling. This classic look is true to the New England style we adore. The vertical shiplap will give the space clean lines and a sense of height, while the beadboard ceiling will add texture and interest overhead.

I also plan to incorporate the green color from our mudroom. This lovely hue will likely be featured on the doors and as an accent color. Since the two spaces connect, I’d like them to flow seamlessly. By using this color, we can create a cohesive look that ties the rooms together beautifully.

We’ve chosen a soft, neutral color palette for the walls and ceiling, aiming to keep the space light and airy. We’ll complement this with sturdy yet stylish storage solutions for our gardening supplies and sports equipment. Hooks, shelves, and cabinets will all play a role in keeping everything organized and accessible.

See Below for some Before Pics and my (quick) sketches of the space:

There is a closet, which we are debating taking out and instead installing a tall cabinet in it’s place. So the pic above and the pic below are of the same wall with different options.

The skinny black door is the door to the small closet.

My thoughts are if we kept it, I would make it a hidden door, so that it blends well with the shiplap walls.

This is the door that goes out to our courtyard garden.

The little door is a bulkhead that goes to the basement.

This door goes to the garage.  I Love this door so much as I assume it’s original to the house, but I hate that it doesn’t match the other doors.  What do you think? Should I keep it, or change it out for a matching metal door?

The Breezeway with Demo Nearly Complete:

The Journey Ahead

We’re excited about the transformation ahead. Turning this awkward, underused space into a functional and beautiful utility room is going to be a rewarding challenge. We’re eager to see our vision come to life and become a space that serves our family’s needs while adding charm and character to our home.

I’ll be sharing updates, photos, and tips along the way, and we can’t wait to show you the final result so stay tuned! Here’s to new beginnings and the joy of creating a space that truly works for us!

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  1. June 15, 2024 / 7:17 am

    Carli I love where you are going with this space and look forward to its progress. Your eye for creating a functional, cohesive and beautiful space is what keeps me coming back to follow your work! I’m also a fan of taking risks and l like that you aren’t afraid to do that, even if it means you learn something or make it work. I have some big moves happening in the next year and the work you and your husband do together is inspiring.

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