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Interior Design Services

 like to begin all projects with a design consultation.  If you are a new client this will entail a 30 minute phone consultation, an e-questionnaire, photos/video, and measurements.  We will discuss the scope of work, what works for you in your space currently and what doesn’t and I will gather a sense of your general style.
CONSULTATION AND MOOD BOARD, $150 I will consult with you and draw up a mood board that reflects your personal style and desires for the space. CONSULTATION AND 3D RENDERINGS, $200 I will consult with you and help come up with a mood board and 3D rendering to guide you and help you visualize the furnishings in your space

CONSULTATION, 3D RENDERINGS, AND SOURCE LIST WITH LINKS, $275 I will provide a consultation for each space and help you to create an item specific budget.  I will then create and provide you with a mood board, and source list with links where available. This design plan will help guide you and keep you on track.

CONSULTATION, MOOD BOARD, 3D RENDERING, SHOP, INSTALLATION/STYLING (Contact me as price depends on the scope of the job, local clients only)

I will create mood boards and 3D renderings for the spaces, work with you to edit and refine the spaces to get the feel that you are going for, source and shop for items, and install and style spaces (which can include hanging light fixtures, custom builds, and installing window treatments.)

“It's not just home improvement, it's lifestyle improvement”

Before and Afters

Client Office Project

3D Rendering/Design Plan

In this project, we brought the space down to a neutral color scheme, allowing the eye to rest and appreciate the homeowners beautiful wood trim.  A custom shelving system was installed along with wall sconces to provide task lighting. This makeover resulted in a light, bright and cohesive space.

Actual Design

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