Hi there!  Welcome to Made by Carli, where I share my passion for home decor, DIY and interior design.  One of my favorite sayings is --- "Necessity is the mother of all inventions," and is definitely the starting point for most of my projects.  Here you will find projects ranging from small builds to recipes, to crafts and room makeovers.  There's a little something for everyone!

Made by Carli started back in 2010 when blogging was fairly new.  It started as a way to journal and share my small crafts with my friends and family, and is now a creative outlet from a full time job and being a wife and mom of four.

Having just sold our 14 year old New England "starter home" in favor of a 140-year old fixer upper, we're working hard to infuse modern design while staying true to our 1878 Victorian's character and charm.  I believe that your home is your refuge-a space that should be calm and welcoming, so  I tend to decorate on the neutral side as my desire to switch things up creeps up quite often.

I am extremely resourceful, so my favorite thing to do is to challenge myself to re-purpose or recycle things to make them new and useful again.  You can find me in a thrift store at least once a week.  I love to shop, but most of all, I enjoy a good bargain.  Follow along as we transform this old house into a home.