Wallpapered Tween Boy’s Closet with Scott Living

It’s been a while since I’ve paid much attention to Cayden’s room. The last time I shared it was back in December when he and Kyle were still sharing the room.  Now that Cayden has the space to himself, we are slowly but surely making it more “him.” One of the first projects we decided on was jazzing up his closet.  And what better way to do so than with wallpaper? I partnered with Scott Living to try out their Self-Adhesive wallpaper in the Modern Magic Charcoal pattern. It’s a great abstract pattern and an easy way to add interest to an otherwise boring space.  Scott Living has a great selection of self-adhesive wall papers and their readily available right at Lowes.

This post is sponsored by Scott Living.  As always, all opinions stated are 100% my own.

Benefits to using Self-Adhesive Wallpaper:

  • Easy Install – Simply peel off the backing and stick to your wall.
  • Damage Free – Doesn’t damage walls and leaves no sticky residue.
  • Renter Friendly – Safe to use in rental homes, apartments, dorms, and offices.
  • No Mess – No paste. No water.
  • Cost Effective – Each roll covers 30 sq. ft.
  • Not Just for Walls – Use on furniture, DIY projects, and more!

Installation of Self-Adhesive wall paper is much simpler than traditional wallpaper, BUT it still requires some patience and a little finesse.  In general it’s like an oversized repositionable sticker, and really the most difficult part for me was ensuring that the pattern lined up.  Read on to see how yo can install self-adhesive wallpaper too!

Don’t worry, you’re not having dejavu!  This Modern Magic Charcoal wallpaper is very similar to the diy stamped wall I did back at our old house right before we moved.  When I saw that Scott Living offered this awesome abstract pattern at Lowes, I was so excited, because I knew I could get the look that we loved, for way less mess!

What You’ll Need:

Step 1)  Decide on layout.   

I originally intended to just wallpaper the back wall, but later decided to continue on the sides.  For this closet I began on the left side as the instructions suggested.  If I had decided from the beginning that I was going to do the sides, I would have started on the left corner of the side of the closet–but luckily matching the wallpaper up was not as difficult as I thought it might be.)

Step 2.)  Measure and Mark

I measured and marked 20” (the width of the wallpaper roll) from the left corner.


Step 3.) Starting Line

Next I drew a vertical line from the 20″ mark using my level from top to bottom.

Step 4.) Peel Back

Peel back about a foot of the backing from the wallpaper and line up the right edge of the wallpaper at the line and smooth the wallpaper down the wall with your  hand or squeegee, removing any air bubbles.  Repositioning where necessary. 

Step 5.) Cut

Using a utility knife, cut the wallpaper along the baseboard for a nice sharp line.

Step 6.)  Align your pattern

It might seem like a small busy pattern like this would be easy to match up, but in fact it was quite difficult.  And although it’s an abstract pattern, and maybe to some it wouldn’t matter if it lined up, for me, I’m a little picky when it comes to this, I wanted mine to look seamless.  With the Modern Magic Charcoal pattern, I came to realize that the pattern repeated every 11 lines.  Learning this was super helpful and made the process go much more smoothly.

I also learned that attaching the top part of your row to the wall (after finding the next portion of your pattern) and then cutting it to size (or slightly larger) with the backing still on, made it much easier to work with.

Step 7.) Repeat!

Continue installing each row.  In the corner, I simply pressed the wallpaper into the corner and onto the adjacent wall.  Once I was done, I used a utility knife to trim the wallpaper at the baseboard and at the top, and then gave those disgusting baseboards a good cleaning and a coat of paint!

Step 8.) Enjoy!

It’s so amazing how much wallpaper can accentuate a space and give it a sense of personality!  We have a few more plans for this room, so stay tuned! Explore more of the Scott Living self-adhesive wallpaper collection at Lowes.

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