The Finished Window bench Seat & a Dining Table Round-Up

Hi friends so we are bringing it back to the banquette! I realize that I often share projects on here, promise I’ll share the finished product and then never feel content enough with them to actually call them “finished” and then I never actually share—ahhh, the story of my life.  

The Finished Window Seat

Well this is the same situation that went down with the bench/window seat/banquette in the breakfast nook.  Here she is in all her glory:

This bench seat has been a major gathering spot for our family, and Sweetie, our cat, thinks it was made specifically for her.  To be honest, it’s not unusual to find one of my kids sprawled out here taking a nap–it’s that comfy!


Here’s a recap if you missed it:

When I last left off, I still had to put a finish on the bench seat and get a cushion for it.  Well I painted it in Behr Ginger Sugar (the color the trim is painted in the kitchen) and then I remembered that we had bought an inexpensive Ikea mattress a while back for my daughter’s trundle bed which she didn’t love it because it was a little too firm for her liking.  Well I dragged that mattress downstairs, did some math, and managed to chop it up in a way that it fit perfectly on my almost 10 foot bench.

Then it stayed like that for like 2 months.😆  You see?  This is why I forget to come back with finished projects—sometimes they take a lot more time than I intend.


I couldn’t decided what I wanted to cover the cushion with, so finally my husband looked at me one day  and said “ah Can we figure this out today?”—-I just needed a little pressure I guess.  So I ran to Home Depot and grabbed a 4×10 drop cloth and wrapped it around the cushion, stapling it to a thin sheet of plywood underneath.


Will this be the final look? Probably not, but it’s a whole lot better than that green foam.

Dining Table Round-Up

A while ago I DIYED a dining table with inspiration from Amber Interiors.   


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Another issue, was that once the banquette/bench seat/window seat was built, I realized it wasn’t ideal for sliding in and out of the bench seat, as our legs would get banged into the table leg every time.

So I started searching for pedestal style dining tables as they are sleek and allow plenty of feet/leg room for getting in and out of the bench seat.

Since breakfast nooks are having a moment lately, I figured I’d share a few of my top contenders:

The table I was totally obsessed with and was absolutely ready to splurge on, was the Chapman Dining Table from Pottery Barn:

pedestal dining table


When I was finally ready to pull the trigger, I was notified that wouldn’t be available until October, and I’m impatient.  It’s also the same length as my DIY table and I was hoping to have a table slightly longer to accommodate more people,

Dining table for breakfast nook

I love the mix of wood and marble on the table above.  But Something about the wood feels a little heavy.  I’m also partial to an oval shape, since it’s a small space where people are often passing through.

pedestal dining table

Lastly, although this table is a bit more modern than I ‘d like, it is about 8″ longer than my DIY table, and the top, although faux marble, is very similar to the Chapman dining table.  I have this thought that I can somehow DIY this into the Pottery Barn Chapman style dining table.

I’m not 100% sure which one I’ll get, but I’m curious, which one do you like best?  Is the Chapman table worth the wait?


And although a round table wouldn’t work for my space, I figured I share a few round options that caught my eye:



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