Finding Treasures-Dresser and Desk Redo

by - Friday, December 03, 2010


While driving through our neighborhood the other night, the hubby and I came across some awesome treasures . . . This solid wood desk and dresser, just waiting to be given new life!

Sadly, someone had allowed their dog to use the legs on this piece like a chew toy, so my hubby patched them up with some wood filler.  Here she is all sanded, primed and ready to go . . .

I used a medium grit sanding block, and Glidden Gripper oil based primer, because, well, that’s just what I had.

As you can see I was working indoors because it is bitter cold here now … I rolled it on with a regular roller, used for painting walls, (Big mistake!) I’m learning lots and lots with each project that I take on . . . so before I began priming the desk (next project) I had hubby run out and grab me one of those high density foam rollers, the one I used is by Shur-line . . . I LOVE their products!


This roller gives such a nice smooth finish as opposed to using the other rollers, which leave your painting surface rough and bumpy.


I love the drawer pulls on this piece, I had considered spray painting them, but ultimately decided not to, because I like the aged look of them.  When I did some “research” on this piece (and by research I mean I googled “antique 3-drawer dresser) I found one almost exactly the same and came to find out it is from the 1930’s!  It always amazes me how well-built furniture was back in the day and that this piece that is now sitting in my dining area was made during the Depression Era, its crazy!

When I unscrewed the draw pulls, it unveiled the most beautiful smooth little ovals of mahogany . . . (kicking myself as I forgot to take a pic) . . . but it looked exactly like the wood on this piece.

Here are a few shots of the semi-finished product ( I say semi because as you’ll see the legs still need some sanding):

IMG_0176 IMG_0174

And NOW . . . onto the the desk . . .

I went through the same process as with the the dresser except I used the smoother roller, which gave me the smoothest finish.  I used Behr paint in Almond Cream from Home Depot in Satin.  As I began to paint, I realized my paint was running low, so I decided to use an oops paint that I had planned to use in my daughter’s room as an accent color for the desk.



I love the way these two colors look together . . . I came across this butterfly drawer liner that I think fits perfectly with the cream and pink.

IMG_0159 IMG_0160   
Unfortunately I was able to find all but one draw pull for this desk . . .
IMG_0166   IMG_0164

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  1. Oops, I had left a comment with a big oops in it, so deleted it. Sorry about that!
    I love the dresser makeover, you did a wonderful job esp with the poor chewed off legs! That desk is darling too, and if you still need a drawer pull I think I have one that will match. If you measure the distance between holes and let me know what it is I will check and would be happy to send it on to you.

  2. OMG Carli! you did a beautiful job on both pieces! I love the colors you chose for the desk.


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