DIY Oversized Letter “K” Wall Decor

I love to collect scrap wood.  I am the girl who will always find a use for it–as I did with the project I’m sharing today.  A DIY Letter “K” wall decor for my son Kyle’s room.  Using scrap wood, I turned a 1x5x8 into an oversized letter K to fill up a blank wall in his room.

Obviously, a project like this is a bit easier to do for linear letters, but if you have curved letters, a thin piece of plywood or MDF with a jigsaw would do the trick.  You could either trace out the letter on some cardboard to use as a template or free-hand it and cut it out using a jigsaw.

Here’s what I did:

I cut one piece of the wood to inches.  I based the height of my letter on my very technical spec, below, lol:


Next I overlapped and marked another piece to create the top part of the letter K.

I lined up that mark on my miter saw, and cut.

The remaining piece of wood ended up working out perfectly for the bottom piece of the letter K

While I had planned on joining the three pieces using pocket holes, I decided to instead grab a 1×2 piece of scrap wood and cut it into 4-3″ pieces and used wood glue and nails to join the boards.

I let it dry well before finishing.

Kyle LOVES the color red, so I finished it using Minwax Wood Finish Solid Color Stain, tinted to Barn Red.  It’s such a rich, pretty color.

I used  2 “D” rings to a hang the K on his wall.  And we could not love this little project more!  It’s the perfect addition to his space!


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