Easy 2×3 Basement Storage Shelves

Friends, I’ve been in a funk.  A funk so bad that not even retail therapy, gardening, or binge-watching home makeover shows could shake me out of.  I spent some time last week trying to figure out what it is, and I think one of the culprits has been being disorganized. We’ve been working on finishing a section of our basement, and in the process, the other side ended up becoming a chaotic

So I forced myself to gather the strength to tackle it. My hubs pulled all the stuff out of the unfinished section, and I began going through all of my stuff.  Mostly throw pillows, blankets frames, and the like, but that stuff takes up a lot of space.

So I donated the blankets that I could part with and listed some of the pillows for sale, which greatly helped minimize my pile. I also sifted through my seasonal clothing, donating the items I no longer wear.

Next, I decided to build some shelves because I had initially bought some shelves online without checking the measurements, and they turned out to be way too small for what I had in mind.  So—off to Home Depot I went for a DIY solution: 2×3 Storage Shelves

How to Build Easy 2×3 Storage Shelves

Materials Needed:

  • Miter Saw
  • 2×3 lumber (for the frame and shelves, although plywod could be used for the shelves too)
  • Screws (2.5-3 inches long)
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Miter or Circular saw
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil

What to do:

  1. Plan: Determine the dimensions and layout of your storage shelves. Measure the available space and decide how many shelves you want. Typically, shelves are spaced about 18-24 inches apart vertically, but this may vary depending on your needs. My wall is 8 feet, and I decided I wanted to use the full width of the wall.  My ceiling is 8 1/2 feet.  but there’s a beam that encroached on the space so I decided on 6 feet for mylegs/frame height to allow for adequate storage on the top shelf.
  2. Cut the 2×3 Lumber:Using a miter saw, cut the 2×3 lumber into pieces to create vertical supports (uprights) and horizontal supports (shelf brackets). Measure and mark the lengths accurately.
  3. Assemble the Frame: Construct the frame for your shelves by attaching the horizontal supports to the vertical supports. Place the horizontal supports inside  the top and bottom of each vertical support, forming a rectangular frame for each shelf level. Use screws to secure them together, ensuring the corners are square. Repeat this step for each shelf. In my case, there was an electrical box where the middle frame was supposed to go, so I improvised and placed horizontal shelf supports against the wall spanning three studs.
  4. Mount the Frame:
    Position the frames in your desired location and use a level to ensure they are level and plumb. You may need to attach them to the wall for stability and safety. Use screws to attach to studs or wall anchors.
  5. Cut and Install Shelves:
    Measure and cut the 2x3s to fit as shelves on top of the rames. They should rest on the horizontal supports. Secure the shelves to the frames using screws.

I was so happy with this new storage that I ended up building another shorter shelf for the adjacent wall.



Building shelves with 2×3’s is an excellent cost effective way to not only maximize your home’s storage but also a budget-friendly DIY project that can make a HUGE difference. I’m so happy to finally have an organized storage space.



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