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As you may have read in my profile, I am new to the South where there are Goodwill’s a plenty.  I had never shopped in a thrift store as an adult, although my mom thrift shopped quite often when I was a kid.  As recent transplants to NC, we left a lot of furniture items behind when we relocated over 800 miles from Rhode Island.  We are in desperate(well, according to moi) need of new, or should I say, used furniture, so we curiously journeyed into a Goodwill store one fine day and the rest is history, we’re hooked!

Now, Goodwill is like a second home and Goodwill hunting has become a fun thing for us to do as a couple, we both enjoy it;  I get to shop on the cheap, shopping makes me happy, shopping on the cheap makes my hubby happy– it’s a win/win situation ; )!

My hubby and I try to make a trip to GW at least once a day.  There’s the “good one”, the one that has all the great pieces of furniture, and household decor items for CHEAP, about 15-20 minutes away and there is the the “crappy” one (which happens to be closer to our new home).  At the “crappy” one, everything seems to be ridiculously over priced and super junky.  In the past two months since have begun our new hobby, we have “hunted” several GW’s in the area and have come to love our “good” GW.  The hubby and I often joke (not really, lol) that we wish we could sit there all day outside that donation center port and watch which items we want to get dibs on before they even put them on the sales floor.  And that is exactly how we scored some of the AWESOME pieces I’m about to share with you, check em out  . . .

This is an awesome Stanley Furniture door chest/armoire, had a few knicks and scratches, drawer guides were a little bent, but for $59 bucks, you can’t beat it, it’s solid wood!

Okay yeah it’s an ugly knotty pine, but with a few coats of spray paint it went from this  . . . .

To this! Look at her! Clean, sleek, not bad for $59 bucks and 2 cans of $3 black spray paint!

So you may be wondering what happened to the inside . . . I got lazy and then convinced myself (and my husband) that I liked it like that, it looks fine from the outside, that’s all that matters 🙂 I may change the knobs eventually, to something more sophisticated but for now, they’ll stay.

Some great feather pillow inserts 2.99 each! The covers will probably go, but c’mon, feather pillows for

$2.99???? A Steal!

A pair of cute candlestick lamps (I think) for 4.99 a piece, (I have a new obsession with lamps), got this drum shade for .99 cents, can’t beat that.  Will show you it’s transformation on another post.

 I’ve been shopping around for a trophy case or shelf  for my hubby’s “man” room, or as it”s called in our house, “the “studio room” (as in music studio) or “daddy’s room”.  I found these ugly fire engine red shelves, for 4.99 each.  The top one had pegs to hang stuff on, but we removed them and filled the holes with wood filler, sanded and painted, will show the new and improved shelves soon . . .

Cool looking wicker and iron stools, $9.99 a piece fixed them up, restained then resold, really didn’t have a place for them in our new home, but I wish I did, love the style, the simplicity of them.

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  1. Anonymous
    December 8, 2009 / 5:02 pm

    Great finds! Love Goodwill!

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