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So as I mentioned before, I have become addicted to lamps, I have purchase three in the past 3 weeks, but I could have easily, purchased 10 more, if only I had a home for them. The hubby doesn’t mind it when I buy things with a purpose, if I say “Ooooh Babe, look at that lamp it’s beautiful!”, he’ll say “Yeah, but what are you going to do with it?”. So now when I see something that I really want, I have to have a plan devised before I even mention it, so it goes like this, “Ooooh Babe, look at this lamp! It will go perfectly on your keyboard table; I could spray paint it to match that frame.” And he’ll say “Yeah, you should get it!” Lol, and that’s how these things work for me :). So Below I am going to show you a Lamp Re-Vamp that I did last week for (you guessed it) my hubby’s studio room. The inspiration for this lamp Re-Vamp came from Thrifty Décor Chick.

So it started out like this (I have two of these lamps):

Nothing glamorous, it didn’t even have a shade, I ended up finding this drum shade on another GW shopping trip for $.99, I figured it was the right scale for the little lonely lamp.

Then I grabbed my trusty can of black flat spray paint, (if I had found the oil rubbed bronze spray paint prior to this Re-Vamp, I would have used that instead).

After it dried I threw the lamp shade on top, but it just wasn’t cohesive enough, so I added some organza type brown ribbon (because that’s all that I had :)) around the top and bottom edges of the lamp with my hot glue gun.

NOTE:  If I would have known that I would be blogging this, I would have taken step-by-step pics, so just use your imagination :).  I will post step-by-step instructions of what I do from now on.

Here she is plugged in, oooh, ahhh, wooooow!

Now here she is RE-VAMPED!

Now where should she go? On the counter top for task lighting?  (Pretend like you don’t see that pan and those dishes in the sink).

On the dinette set?  Next to my finely polished apples, yeah right, lol!

Or maybe she can replace one of my bedside lamps? Ignore the naked window, I’m working on it!

No, no, I promised, she has a home right in the music room, “The Man Room”.

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