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Friends! It dawned on me that I haven’t shared many gardening updates this season. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with some larger projects behind the scenes, but I have to say I’d rather be working in the yard.  There’s something about putting in work in the garden, not to sound corny, but it invigorates my soul (while also beating up my body lol).  This project took place this past Spring, but I figured I should share it for posterity.

When we bought the house

Last year I shared a makeover of our “courtyard” garden. 

Spring 2022

This spring, I worked to freshen it up, and extend the garden beds a bit. 


This is where I started in May:

Here it is after some weeding and Hosta transplanting:


I also thinned some of the hostas that were already there, and placed them more strategically.

And this is how it looked by the time the day was over:

The next day I gathered some rocks from around the yard to finish the border.

I added some fresh mulch, and it was looking pretty great, although the hostas needed to recover a bit.

A couple days later they perked right up and things started looking amazing!  We still have to freshen up the walkway with more pea gravel.


Sweetie approved!

Although this was a HUGE improvement, there was still an issue that needed to be addressed:  These old demoed steps.

When we had our siding redone we came to find that there used to be a door that was closed off at some point,

So the workers offered to grind the steps down, but naturally their main focus was to work on the siding, so we were left with these:

Check back to see how I tackled this problem 🙂  Trust me this get’s much better!

my garden helper
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  1. Paula
    July 22, 2023 / 4:48 pm

    Looking lovely so far!

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