Fall Curb Appeal Part 2: Easy Autumn Wreath

Easy Autumn Wreath

Hi guys!  I love to decorate my home for fall, but I’ve been really trying to be frugal with my spending. In the first part of this Fall Curb Appeal “series” I shared with you how I filled mywindow box planters for under $20.  Today I’m sharing how to make a no-spend easy autumn wreath using a grapevine wreath and natural elements.

Last fall, I decided on a wreath alternative, a pine cone wall hanging :

Click here for a tutorial

But this year, I just wanted to create something fast and easy, and to beautify a grapevine wreath doesn’t take much. They are by far my favorite “forms” as they are natural and easy to work with. I typically jazz mine up with natural elements, like this one I made for Christmas, stuffed with pine tree branches and boxwood sprigs.

Today I’m going to make a similar wreath using my flaming dying boxwood and some twine.

You may remember how I painted this grapevine wreath in color blocks last spring-well all I had to do was flip it over and use the backside for this wreath-ya see? My grapevine wreath works double duty!

I snipped a few sprigs off of my boxwood (and I realize, most people don’t have a dying boxwood lying around), so some nice looking berry picks or sprigs from your favorite craft store.
Easy Autumn Wreath-Fwmadebycarli

Just begin by sorting out your snippings and using the tightly twined branches of the grapevine wreath to hold each sprig in place.  I like an asymmetrical wreath and work on just one side.

I just kept stuffing the the sprigs in until I was happy with the way it looked.  I then grabbed my twine and began wrapping the center of the sprigs until it looked sort of substantial.
Easy Autumn Wreath-Fwmadebycarli
I then began wrapping the twine in under and in between the sprigs to secure them in place. You could also use glue or floral wire-but this worked just fine for me.
Easy Autumn Wreath-Fwmadebycarli

And all together this took me about 15-20 minutes-tops!

Easy Autumn Wreath-Fwmadebycarli

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Easy Autumn Wreath-Fwmadebycarli

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