DIY: Springtime Color Block Wreath

Hey hey hey!  I wanted to share a really quick DIY that I did for my spring home tour.  I love grapevine wreaths for their versatility and ease, you can use them as is, or embellish as much as you want—and can very rarely go wrong.   Lately I’ve been going for more simplistic vibe and decided that for my spring wreath I wanted to jazz up one of my basic grapevine wreaths.

 I first attempted this DIY after being inspired by a wreath that I saw on the Better Homes & Gardens website.


Seriously, how cute is this?  A wreath wrapped with thread!?

I automatically thought to myself, How hard could it be?  Welp . . . Not hard at all, but truth is, there is a certain level of patience needed in order to take on a project like this.  As usual, I attempted this project with items I had on hand . . . and sometimes that just does not work .  Mainly because it was very tedious!  I attempted to create this project using regular thread when in actuality I should’ve used yarn or better yet . . . embroidery thread.

I began wrapping some thread around, and around, and around, and quickly realized I did not have the patience for that at that moment–After failing at that attempt, I decided it would be easier to just go ahead and pull out my craft paint and painter’s tape to attempt the look.

All I had to do was decide on my color scheme and the width of my sections.  I created a few different wreaths using this technique, some for the interior of my house and one for our front door.

Once I accomplished this, all that was left to do was paint and let dry.  I alternated between a paintbrush and a simple q-tip to apply the paint to the sections.

And this resulted in (several) super cute color-blocked DIY  wreaths, just in time for spring!

Kinda cute? and understated, right?  I kinda love ’em!

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  1. Jennifer@ Pcword
    March 23, 2017 / 3:27 pm

    well, I think I can make it easily. I've been looking for some projects to fresh my sweet little house before Easter. Thank you for sharing this! 😉

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