Scrap Wood Ledge Shelves

by - Thursday, November 30, 2017

I love re-purposing items, making useful things out of materials that others would deem trash . . .  Well that's what I did when I decided to build these scrap wood  ledge shelves for my son's room.

I tend to hoard scraps of wood, and 1x2’s, 3’s and 4’s are my favorite—-there’s so much you can do with ‘em!

In my son’s room I had one long wall to work with.  I decided to place the bed in the middle to break up the length of the wall.  On the left side of the bed I placed a desk with calendar on the wall, but on the right side, I needed a solution for the blank space. So I grabbed my scrap wood and came up with a plan.  I configured a way to make them work without needing a full length of wood in the front and the backside of the shelves.

I grabbed the following supplies:
I have to be honest, I can't for the life of me remember why I placed that roll of painter's tape in this picture,  act like it's not there.
Wood glue
Nail gun with 1.5” brad nails
Screw gun and 1.5 in screws 
Drill bit
Tape measure
Wood stain and paint brush or sponge to apply stain
Rubber gloves

Wood Cut List
1x3 wood (to your desired length)
1x2 wood (to same desired length)
1X3 wood blocks cut to 6” long 2 per shelf, used to attach wood to walls.

Position 1x3 and 1x2 in the shape of an "L". Placing the 1x2 at the edge of the 1x3.

Apply a thin bead of wood glue between the two pieces of wood.
Using your nail gun, nail it in place. This is your front ledge.
Measure 4 inches in on each side, and secure the 1x3 blocks to each end of the larger 1x3. Securing the blocks with wood glue and brad nails.
Once the blocks are secured, predrill holes on each side of the block, you will later secure the two pieces with your screws.   
Next, drill holes one inch below the top of the 1x3 block. These will serve as supports for your shelves. 
Next, lightly sand and stain your wood.

Screw your 2” screws into the "support" blocks. 
Level and hang! Be sure to use wall anchors if your shelves do not align with studs.
Adorn these shelves with artwork, family photos or your favorite Biggie album!


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