Satisfying Solutions for Decorating a Large Blank Wall

by - Monday, February 18, 2019

When we first moved into the 1878, I initially sort of placed my furnishings in the same layout as our previous home.  However, after Christmas and the removal of all the Christmas Things, the house felt extremely bare-like as if we had just moved in.  It irked my soul (as my daughter would say).

I began fantasizing about building a wall of built-ins to house our television, with pretty shelves to decorate, until my husband shot me back down to reality.  With so many more projects taking priority in our home, I needed to find an easy and inexpensive solution to this boring blank wall.
In a quick trip to Ikea (well, not quick, is it even possible to make a quick trip to Ikea, Ha!?) I grabbed 6 Mosslanda Shelves.

I expected to have to trim them down a bit to fit, but they actually fit perfectly on the wall.

These shelves are so versatile, you can load them with art, typography, plants or your favorite collectibles.  I basically chose all of the above!

Here are some other ways I've tackled large blank walls in the past:

Looking for other ideas for decorating a blank wall?  

Check out these creative ideas from some of my fellow bloggers:

 I love large scale wall decor, and in this post, my friend Lisa shares
 How To Make A Photo Into Framed Block Art

Feeling artsy?  Check out this hand painted mural in my friend Alaya's 

Green walls with giant gold stars and a wrought iron bed with white bedding on a sisal rug.
I love this tutorial for a truly creative idea for creating a focal point, by the Nestrs:   
How to Make Walls Pop!
Another great way to fil up a large wall is to mount objects like Emily at Table and Hearth did.  I love this idea for a beach house.

Filling a wall with shelves, as Mrs. Major Hoff did in her dining room, is a great way to add interest and dimension to a space.

So tell me, what are your favorite ways to fill large empty walls?

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  1. I love those shelves from Ikea. I like filling empty walls with molding or some sort of nice wall treatment or even a nice gallery wall.

  2. I agree Erin, Wall treatments are always a good idea!


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