Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops

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As a child Easter was always a favorite holiday of mine:  the Peeps, the pastel colors, the promise of new life in spring, and, uh, PEEPS!  With Easter falling on April 21st this year, it will be here faster than we know it!  Christmas Tree Shops has tons of fun finds at affordable prices, which makes it THE one stop shop for Easter decorating, and basket making.  Last Easter, I shared 5 Easy and Elegant Easter Entertaining tips with Christmas Tree Shops, and this year, I partnered with them again to create three different types of Easter baskets for three different age groups.  Sure you can take the easy route and purchase pre-made Easter baskets, but where’s the fun in that?  I love being creative and coming up with a theme to make my kids’ Easter Baskets extra special and personalized for each of them.

Easter Basket Ideas

When I polled you guys on my Instastory to ask at what age you stop making baskets for your children, I was shocked when the majority of you said that you continue making baskets for your kids even after they’ve moved out of the house!  Well in this post, I’ll be sharing Easter ideas for three different age groups:  Preschooler, a Tween and a Teen.

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops

First things first:  Choose Your Basket and Coordinating Grass Filler

I chose 3 different types of baskets:  one a traditional woven Easter basket for my littlest guy, a hyacinth basket for my 10 year old, and a cute fringe-type, fabric basket for my teen daughter.  You can also think outside the, errr . . . basket–and use cute seasonal crates, or even a planter!  Christmas Tree Shops is my go-to place for these types of containers.

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops

Basket Fillers:

Candy:  There are no rules in Easter basket making, Peeps, Chocolate bunnies, and jelly beans tend to be my go-to, but the candy selection at Christmas Tree Shops is so large that you’re bound to find your child’s favorite candy.

Toys and trinkets:  Bubbles, jump ropes, PlayDoh, books, and art supplies are always a hit.  Shopping Christmas Tree Shops seasonal assortment is like a treasure hunt, with their ever changing assortment–you never know what you’ll find. Check out my awesome finds below:

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops

Easter Basket for The Creative Preschooler


Christmas Tree Shops has such an excellent selection of candies, small toys, and art supplies perfect for a budding artist, like my little guy.


Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops

Assembling your baskets:  When assembling your basket, it’s always best to put the taller, flat items, like books, markers, or crayon boxes in the back, bulking up the grass underneath to give these items even more height.  Then continue layering the items in the basket by height and shape/bulk.  Smaller items go in front.  If the basket becomes to full, you can use double sided tape on the backs of candies and smaller items to keep them from falling out.

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops

PlayDoh, Crayola crayons and markers, a fun light up bouncy ball, coloring books and paint your own Paw Patrol sun catchers are perfect additions to our little guy’s basket.

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops

Ah Pez!  I’m probably dating myself, but I remember when collecting Pez dispensers was a thing.  I know Kyle will love this Crayola themed dispenser.

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops

You can never go wrong when choosing books to add your baskets.  I limited the candy in Kyle’s basket, but a ring pop and some jelly beans in plastic eggs, finished off this basket perfectly.

Easter Basket for The Sports Fanatic

I’m pretty sure I’ll hit a slam dunk with this basketball themed basket.  Our 10-year old loves sports and being active, and this basket is right on time for the warmer days of Spring.

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops sports themed basket

The adorable chocolate bunny who’s too tall for his box, a mini Nerf basketball hoop, an awesome chapter book and a basketball Pez dispenser will definitely help me score some points with my sports fanatic. 

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops


Easter Basket for The Teen Girly-Girl


For some reason, it was really easy to go overboard on the teen basket.  As kids get older, similar to a Christmas stocking, Easter baskets get filled with items that the child needs, with a few little surprises in between.  For my daughter’s basket, I ventured out of the Easter section, and chose this cute fringed basket, one that she would be able to use long after Easter is over.

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops teen girl

This basket is jam packed with fun! Glam room, hair, and fashion accessories (side note:  Christmas Tree Shops has the best earrings, and they’re usually under 5 dollars!)

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops

Easter Basket Ideas Christmas Tree Shops


I also added to her basket, some pampering items like makeup wipes, a reed diffuser, a fun little nail polish kit, as well as her favorite treats, like the mini meringue cookies, a cute journal, a shiny travel cup with straw, and two different types of chocolate Easter Bunnies, so sweet!


On Easter morning, after we have our breakfast, my husband will sneak out the back door with the baskets and place them on the front porch.  He rings the door bell and then quickly sneaks back inside.  The kids have always loved this tradition, and every year vow to catch the Easter Bunny, but to no avail!  It’s definitely a fun tradition that I can see continuing on for years to come.


What types of Easter traditions do you have?



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  1. Ella
    April 12, 2019 / 12:36 am

    You are so creative. My kids are grown so no more Easter baskets for them. 🙂

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