Spring Repotting & Choosing the Right Planters for Your Plant Babies

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Hi Friends!  If you know me well, you know I am a huge fan of incorporating plants into my home and decor.  They add such a lively feeling to a space, and also purify the air you breathe-win! win!  Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of being a plant mom is that Spring is the best time to repot your plants for optimum health and growth.

Spring Planting Christmas Tree Shops
From garden tools, garden gloves and new pots and planters, you can find all of your Spring planting needs at Christmas Tree Shops!

Whenever I’m ready to repot my plants, I head to my local Christmas Tree Shops because I can always look forward to a wide (and unique) selection of planters at crazy affordable prices.  Let’s be honest, my love for Christmas Tree Shops runs deep.  I’ve been shopping at this store for as long as I can remember because it’s ever-changing assortment always makes for an awesome treasure-hunt like experience!

I really needed to repot some of my plants because some have had soil loss, some are rootbound and some are just in pots that needed an aesthetic upgrade.

How do I know if my plants need to be repotted?

There are a few reasons you may want to repot your plants:

  • Rootbound plants:  Root bound means that your plant’s roots have wound themselves up tightly, not having room to spread and grow.  Plants that are root bound can have roots bursting through drainage holes, or roots are visible coming up above the soil.  
  • Plants eating their soil:  I know this sounds strange, but there are many plants that eat away at their soil, causing their roots to be exposed (rubber plants are known to do this!).
  • Your current planter doesn’t provide drainage, which may cause root rot, which is no bueno!
  • Your plants aren’t retaining water/water is seeping right out of the drainage holes.

How often should I re-pot my plants?

Houseplants typically need to be repotted about once a year, however, if you have a plant that has been struggling, repotting it can cause stress, so it may be best to get it back to health before disrupting its root system.

 I should probably clarify, pots and planters can technically be considered two different things–when I think of pots, I often think of the plastic pots that plants come in from the store.  Planters, in my opinion, are the pretty vessels that you either directly place your plants in, or place the entire plastic container in (cachepotting). In my home I do a little of both.  

Christmas Tree Shops Planters
Out with the old, in with the new!

What size planter should I buy?  

When on the hunt for new planters I always keep a list of my plant’s pot measurements.  New pots should always be 1 ½-2” wider than its current pot, and the top of it’s soil should be at least a half inch below the pot’s edge.

Tips to Note:  Before repotting your plants, you should water them 1-2 days before so it’s at it’s best health possible before causing it any more stress.  And, don’t forget to purchase new soil to supplement any soil loss and to provide your plant with more nutrients.

Planters available at Christmas Tree Shops

When repotting your plants:

  1. Remove your plant from it’s pot.
  2. Gently loosen the roots 
  3. Place a coffee filter, used dryer sheet, or some sort of mesh over the drainage holes to avoid soil falling out of the drainage hole. (optional)
  4. Use drainage rocks/pebbles or other material at the bottom of your new planter (packing peanuts are an option if you’re in a bind, or a cut up plastic water bottle is an inexpensive way to fill a pot and allow for some drainage to prevent root rot.) I was able to find a few Up-a-Daisy’s at Christmas Tree Shops, which are basically saucers that fit snuggly at the bottom of your planter and solves the drainage issue, prevents root rot, helps you to use less soil (making your planters lighter, and gives your plants a little lift!

  5. Pour a little soil into the bottom of the pot and then place your plant into its new pot and cover with a nutrient rich soil.

Now that I’ve shared my tips, check out my haul of stylish Spring planters I picked up at my recent trip to Christmas Tree Shops:

Usually, larger planters are either too expensive, or they’re inexpensive and not cute, lol.  I was able to repot both of my fiddle leaf figs with larger planters from Christmas Tree Shops at amazing prices. And there’s such a wide variety of large planters to choose from.

Earthy and Chic:

I found these ceramic hands in the planter section at Christmas Tree Shops and thought they’d be a great addition to my coffee table.  Although shallow, tiny succulents (as I’ve used) or an air plant are the perfect additions to this piece.  Aren’t they stunning styled atop a stack of books?

I love the texture of these planters.  They’re so beautiful and provide so much visual interest.

Christmas Tree Shops Planter
I’ve owned this one for a while now, and was ecstatic to see that the rust colored one (pictured before this) was available.

I love this planter so much, it’s so stylish with it’s slight pedestal.  It’s truly a bit of a statement piece with its rich color.

Fun & a Little Whimsical:

I added a few planters to my son’s room as he’s become interested in plant care. I think it’s a great way to teach science and responsibility!

The white and gray planters come with cute little stands for only $5.99, which are great to add a little height when needed.  I love how well they coordinated with the plaid textured planter filled with that beautiful pop of green from the Pothos plant.  

*All planters above can be found at Christmas Tree Shops, including the adorable little man planter (doubling as a pencil holder).

I couldn’t resist the little hanging Panda planter.  I decided to use it on the shelf filled with a Jade plant, until I find the perfect spot for it to hang.

Natural and global

While not a planter per se, I love to mix things up and add a bit of a textural element.  These baskets, sold in multiple sizes are great to use as planters, I just couldn’t leave them behind! 

Quick Tip:   If using baskets to house planter pots, be sure to use a saucer to catch the extra water so you don’t ruin your basket.


My plants are now all ready for the spring growing season!  

And here’s just a little assortment of some of the neutral and classic planters you may find if you venture into your local Christmas Tree Shops.  If color is more your thing, there are a ton of bright and colorful options in store as well!  You never know what you’re going to find, Christmas tree shops has something for every season and every reason.  Want to find your nearest store?  Click here





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