Swivel Chairs Under $500

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Ahhhhh the swivel chair . . . Arguably one of the most sought-after furniture pieces as of late. And understandably so—- they’re comfy, they allow you to have 360-degree conversations, and a lot of swivel chairs are just perfect for small spaces.

Our Love for Swivel Chairs

We scored our very first swivel chairs a few years ago when we lived in our Victorian.  A neighbor had placed two perfectly perfect custom upholstered Trent Swivel chairs by Bassett on his front lawn.  I spied them out my large bay window, and screamed to my hubby—“Go Ask Him how much he wants for them!!!!” Sure enough, my hubs went over and the neighbor said, “Free!”  He explained that his friend bought them and the upholstery was the wrong fabric, so he didn’t want these in storage anymore.  I don’t think my husband ever moved quicker than he did that day!

Anyway, my point?  We’ve been swivel chair converts ever since.

When we moved to our current home, I decided to purchase two more modern-style swivel chairs for our family room, but once I scored our gray sectional at a random trip to Homegoods one day, I decided to move them into the sitting room so that room didn’t look so matchy-matchy.  And that leads me to where I am now, on a search, yet again, for more swivel chairs. This will be part of a slightly larger update to this space, but this is where I’m starting.

Our Sitting Room

It’s a strange thing, our sitting room, (which was originally the dining room in this house,) is a place we only gather in in the colder months.  During the Spring and Summer, it’s basically just a pass through to the family room or out to the patio.  But during the cold months, we light the fire and it tends to be THE place to be.  In the sitting room, we have our LuLu and Georgia Arlen Slipcovered sofa that sits pretty low to the ground, so no one ever sits on it.

The sitting room in a different configuration

Since we bought a large sofa for the family room, we’ve decided to sell the slipcovered sofa, and buy 4 new swivel chairs to make a better conversation area in the sitting room. We originally thought of just adding a smaller sofa, or a loveseat so things wouldn’t look too crowded, but I think (I hope) four chairs feel right.  See below for a mock-up I created for the space.  I didn’t go into too many details, because working in this program can be a bit of a time-suck, but it’s helpful to give you a better idea of how things will look and feel.

I’ve chatted about how our kitchen tends to be the place people want to hang out when we entertain, which is great, but we want people to feel comfortable in the living areas of our home as well.

Swivel Chairs Under $500

So, naturally, while on my hunt for the perfect swivel chair (under $500, because I need to buy 4 of these things!) I figured I’d share several that have caught my eye (2 of the chairs listed show more than $500 but are often on sale:

You can hover over each image for the current price, and click directly on the image to shop

After putting together this list, I decided to take a plunge and purchased 4 of these chairs:

Let me know if you all would be interested in learning more about my design mock-up process, and maybe I’ll put a post together to share if there’s enough interest. Have a blessed week, friends!

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This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

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