Our Home Tour, Pt. 2: Rhode Island Living Room

by - Monday, January 18, 2010

The second installment of my Home Tour Series, is going to be my living room, well, my old living room, from our home in Rhode Island.  I know this is kinda cheating but our living room in our new home is "furniture challenged".  So, I will post some pics of my old home for now. 

This was our first home.  It was a ranch style home, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, with a finished basement, which was used as a family room.  This was our living room.  I loved the open, airy feel of this home and the vaulted ceilings.

Browns and Golds, Creams and Beiges, you will see LOTS of that in my home decor! I LOVE NEUTRAL and EARTH TONES!

I also LOVE the look and feel of a beautiful, islandy palm in a room (if only I could keep them alive!)

My art work in this pic is slightly off center, lol, I think this is when we first purchased our sectional, added hardwood floors and updated our ceiling fan . . see below for a before pic (and a hideous red/maroon themed room, my attempt at adding color).


Our kitchen/dining nook area, it wasn't huge but, it was perfect for our family back then.

My little open kitchen, I always dreamed of putting in a sky light to flush in some natural light, but it never came to be :(

I'm in the process of finishing up some projects so hopefully I will post my next room of my current house soon!  Stay tuned!

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  1. What a gorgeous home!!We have very similar tastes! If it were up to me I would have taupe all through the house lol

  2. What a beautiful home! Very warm and inviting. I too love the gold/brown/creme/beige colors, so pretty!

  3. Your home was beautiful-- it must have been hard to leave. Look forward to seeing the new house!

  4. Well--I hope you show your living room currently! I love to see a room in progress. I am constantly changing rooms and I keep saying I think I will keep it this way.....perhaps it may happen? I like your earthy colors.

  5. Carly,

    I was just thinking, this is not cheating at all. Its like a designer showcasing her portfolio, right? ;)

    Afterall you designed it didn't you?!

    And what a great design it is!!! These days I am being a little more adventurous. I have laways played it safe, but for some reason I am more daring nowadays :) Hencxe the wall mural and red and white kitchen!!

    Have great weekend and thanks for stoping by!

  6. Loved seeing the home tour! I'm also a big fan of the neutrals! It takes a while to get settled,doesn't it? I know you'll have your new place gorgeous in no time!


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