Blog Makeover . . . and WFMW: Drawer Trick

by - Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In light of my most recent post, I've spent my "me time" tonight giving my blog a makeover, not sure if I LOVE it, but it works for now. Speaking of working for me, I’m linking up with Works For Me Wednesday on this post. 

Have you found a thrift store dresser/chest with drawers that don’t stay in place?  Well I’ve found a solution.  Hubby and I found this dresser at GW for a steal-$19.99!! It has 10 drawers and it’s solid wood!  Just one small problem, the stinking drawers don’t stay in, so I Googled some help on this and this is what I found . . .                
IMG_08961.) Take the drawer out of the chest
IMG_08972) Grab some of these fastener things (or small wooden blocks would work as well).
IMG_08983.)  Screw the fastener to the back of the drawer(but not too tightly).
IMG_09024) Tilt fastener (or wooden block) horizontally and place drawer back inside the chest.
IMG_09035.)  Tilt fastener back up to a vertical position, once inside the chest.
IMG_0904  6.) And Voila!  Your drawer will stay in place!

It works for me!

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  1. What a fab buy. I didn't even know they had something to kep the drawers from acting a fool. I def. need to get some for my kitchen cabinets. I love your blog. You kids are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Carly,

    I am sorry I have been absent! I have been busy preparing a giveaway!

    Thanks for stopping over and for the lovely comment concerning my kitchen!! :)

    Just came over to tell you the details of the giveaway. To enter go to:

    And good luck!! :)

  3. You find such awesome furniture pieces. There is a Salvation Army a few blocks from where I work but they are super expensive.


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