Budget-friendly Christmas Decorating Hacks from the Past

It’s no secret that I love creating a home that is visually appealing.  Well, when it comes to holiday decorating, I tend to take on the same approach, only I’m constantly trying to find easy and inexpensive ways to do so.  And from what I’ve heard from so many of you on Instagram, y’all are feeling the same! So today I’m sharing with you a few tried and true budget-friendly Christmas decorating hacks that have brought some Christmas joy into my home over the years.

Dollar Store “snow globes”:

Holiday Home Tour 2017 | Fwmadebycarli.com

Use small round vases (or any wide mouth vase) which can be found at Dollar tree, along with some white pom poms, cotton balls, mini marshmallows, sugar even sprinkled at the bottom—tuck your favorite ornaments and bottle brush trees inside to display on your counter, mantel or anywhere your heart desires.  You can even tuck in some battery operated twinkle lights to really make these babies shine.

Framed Holiday Song Lyrics:

Holiday Home Tour 2017 | Fwmadebycarli.com

Google the lyrics and print out your favorite holiday song and frame.

Minimal Asymmetrical Wreath:


Create an easy minimal wreath. by grabbing a cheap wire wreath form, spray paint it to your liking, (I used Gold,) hot glue sprigs of greenery from your yard, and finish it off with a few mini pinecones.

Upcycled Sweater cozies:

Holiday Home Tour 2017 | Fwmadebycarli.com

If you’re anything like myself or my daughter, you have bags of clothes in your closets just waiting to be donated. Cut off sweater sleeves and make Vase and jar candle cozies, by simply wrapping the sleeve around the jar/vase, and tucking the frayed edge under.  These little cozies bring tons of warmth and texture to a vignette.

No Mantle, No Problem:

Hang your stockings from a dowel, or for a rustic look, use a sturdy branch.  Tie a piece of twine/rope/ribbon to each end and hang your stockings for a fresh take on the tradition.

You can even use a small coat hook for stocking hanging.

A blanket ladder also works well too!


Fabric is Fabric:

Buy plaid table cloths, and or napkins and make no-sew pillow covers. You can use tablecloths as blankets over a blanket ladder, or the arm of your sofa for some festive hygge. In the pic above I made a no-sew pillow cover from an old blanket scarf.

Pinecones Here, Pinecones There, Pinecones Everywhere:

Purchase pine cones, or gather fallen pine cones from your yard or a local park, (if you go this route, be sure to line a baking tray with foil and bake to debug) and tuck the free pine cones here and there. To create a pretty winter vignette.

Or create a pinecone wall hanging:

Pine Cone Ornaments:

Make loops out of twine and hot glue them to the edge of the pine ones to create natural ornaments

Use Paper as Decor

Grab your favorite wrapping paper, fold it several times to create a rectangle. Cut it into a triangle and either hot glue the triangles to twine, or punch some holes and thread it with twine to create an easy, festive banner.

Paper chains made from strips of coordinating paper or even wrapping paper is also a great way to reiterate a theme.

Last year, a hung paper stars in a doorway to create a doorway “garland.”

In the boys’ room two years ago, I framed wrapping paper and hung this festive cutting board over the top with a ribbon and some hot glue. You could even add a wreath or an extra large Dollar Tree Star Snowflake in front for a display.

Use scarves for decor:

Drape your old long neck scarves like garland! Not only is it pretty, it adds texture and interest to your Christmas display.

Grab a plain grapevine wreath, and stick a few foraged sprigs here and there, and bind it with twine or floral wire, then wrap/tie a festive dollar store or thrifted scarf around the wreath and allow the front to hang.

Ornament Banner:

Image result for pine cone wall hanging fwmadebycarli

Grab a few dollar store ornaments thread them with ribbon or twine and hang over a window, doorway or mantle.

Christmas decorating should be fun, and sometimes the stress that also comes along with the holidays can suck the joy right out of it. I hope you find some inspiration in these budget-friendly Christmas Decor ideas!




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  1. Jen
    December 12, 2022 / 10:16 pm

    Love all the ideas!

    • madebycarli
      December 13, 2022 / 8:36 am

      Thank you Jen🥰🥰🥰

  2. Makayla Bryant
    December 15, 2022 / 10:35 am

    nice!!!!!!! very unique fashion styles!

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