Easy & Affordable Kid’s Room Holiday Decor (and Our Flooring Upgrade)

This post is sponsored by LL Flooring, as always all opinions are 100% my own.

Friends! With the holiday season right around the corner, I couldn’t be more excited to share how I added some holiday magic to my son Kyle’s room. But first, I have to talk about the major transformation this room has had since having our new hardwood floors installed. I actually can’t believe I haven’t shared anything about this update on the blog yet!

The Problem:

If you recall-when we first moved in, all of the bedroom floors were painted—three layers thick! So in an effort to bring out their original charm, we had them sanded down.

But the flooring that was revealed underneath all of that paint left much to be desired—-The knotty pine floorboards were thin and rough underfoot, and over time nails began popping up, scraping our feet and snagging our socks-needless to say, we were in need of a major transformation.

So, over the summer, we teamed up with LL Flooring and the result was nothing short of amazing!

A Warm and Timeless Choice

Choosing the right flooring is a huge decision. To help make the best choice, LL FLooring sent me *four free samples right to my doorstep, which were perfect for visualizing how the flooring would look and feel in our space  *You can order additional samples for a few.

We chose Bellawood’s Select Red Oak Solid Hardwood Flooring because its light, but warm tones set the perfect cozy and inviting atmosphere for our home, they also coordinate nicely with the hardwoods on our main level.  

Once the flooring was installed, it completely revived our space, making the second level of our house finally feel like home.

I mean, look how far we’ve come!!!
Flooring transformation madebycarli

Not only was this a timeless choice for our home, it was also a smart one because Bellawood’s  Solid Hardwood Flooring is stain, scuff, and scratch resistant, holding up extremely well to our large family, including our new frisky little kitten, Nori, and the many messes she makes.

Needless to say, the flooring was a great starting point for creating a cozy and magical atmosphere for the season. Previously, we had a massive rug in this space to shield Kyle from the once-rough floors. Now, he can play freely without any concerns about splinters, now he can play on the floor without a care in the world. (Also, the floors are just too beautiful to be covered up, lol, but I did place a small area rug near the bed, for a cozier winter vibe.

5 Ways to Add Holiday Magic to a Kid’s Bedroom

1. Incorporate Festive Bedding: Rather than investing a ton of money in new holiday-themed bedding, we used his existing bedding. I brought in a couple of holiday-themed pillows and a coordinating cozy throw, which helped transform the look of his bed.

2. Add Mini Trees: Sometimes just the addition of a mini tree (or 2) is all you need. In Kyle’s room, I added a 3-foot mini tree with lights at the foot of his bed and then another smaller mini tree on his nightstand. We’ll eventually make some mini salt dough ornaments which Kyle can customize to complete his tree decorating.

3. Let There Be Lights:

The magic isn’t complete without lights!  I added flameless candles to the windows and hung some string lights on his large letter “K”.


I adorned his desk shelf with twinkle lights as well to create a warm and magical atmosphere.

4. Holiday Decor/Figurines:

Place holiday decorations around the room, such as ornaments, stockings, or small, holiday-themed figurines.  In Kyle’s room, we placed our thrifted collection of nutcrackers on his shelf along with a few bottle brush trees.

5. DIY Holiday Decor:

Add holiday or winter-themed wall art or posters featuring favorite holiday characters or scenes. In Kyle’s room, I swapped out his normal artwork for this pretty winter scene of cardinals on a branch, he painted in art class.

Together, he and I crafted some paper bag snowflakes to hang in the windows. In the past, we’ve made paper chains too! When it comes to holiday cheer you’d be surprised by the impact these inexpensive crafts make.

Whether you’re in search of classic hardwood, durable laminate, or stylish wood-look alternatives, LL Flooring offers an extensive range of flooring options to suit any budget. Order your free samples or visit one of their stores today—you can select your dream flooring AND have it installed before the holiday season begins!

We are so happy with our new floors.  LL Flooring has exceeded our expectations with its wide selection, expertise, and installation. Not only are our new hardwood floors a beautiful addition to our home; (at the risk of sounding cheesy😆) -yhey’re also the foundation for lasting family memories.





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This post is sponsored by LL Flooring, as always all opinions are 100% my own.

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