Turning Tables: Our Ever-Changing Dining Area

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If you follow along on IG, you may have seen my recent stories asking for advice on yet, another dining table! You see, finding a dining table for a small space and a big family is really challenging!    We’ve needed a dining table small enough to walk around, as it would need to be placed directly between two “hallways,” and one that is large enough to sit 6 people.  It needed to be sturdy, and also ready to take a decent beating from our 4 kids.  

Well friends, I think we may have finally found a winner after our 4th try this year!

But first, let’s take a look at where our dining table search has taken us this past year:

 Diy Lerberg Table

Most recently, you may remember my DIY dining table with the Ikea Lerberg Trestle legs.  I really liked this table a lot!  However, because there is no real way to attach the table top to the legs, it was unsteady, and unsteady just doesn’t work with 4 kids! The wood board top was also assaulted by a toddler and his pen!

The table before that was by far my favorite, it was super inexpensive but of super high quality for it’s price.  This was the Kendall dining table from (of all places) Kmart!  It was a little large for the space, and it was dark and blended a lot with the floors—I’m going to be honest–I regret selling this table, however, because it held up so well—I was able to sell it for nearly the price we paid for it.  I searched for this table and considered buying it again and painting the base, but it was out of stock in my area.

Before that, we had this white drop-side dining table.  I loved the light color and the airiness of this table in the space, but it was too small for our growing family, and the weak dropped sides became problematic.

Finally, we settled on this table:

Yes, this table is still a drop leaf table, but it is really sturdy.  The shape of the table is square, which is different for us, but it allows for much more space around the table.

You may be thinking–This setup only seats 4!  Well, I grabbed two thrifted chairs and put them to the side as a conversation area and they can easily be pulled up to the table at dinner time.

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