The 1878: 3 Weeks of Progress

It’s been 3 weeks since we closed on The 1878, our new (old) Victorian home. I’m excited to share with you the progress that we’ve made thus far on this renovation.So far, we’ve done demo, demo and more demo, as well as removed layers, upon layers of wall paper (more on that in another post!)

 Today I’m sharing a bunch of pics and another video–There is just so much happening, so quickly– so I will try my best to be consistent in sharing!  Enjoy friends!!


Foyer/Staircase, before


During, wall paper removal
Its current state, 1st coat of skim coating
I love the detail on this staircase!
Living room before, with peeling wall paper
Its current state, with 1st coat of skim coating

Moving into the dining room/kitchen . . .

Before, dining room
During:  Wallpaper being removed, and damaged plaster walls were being ripped out
During:  wall paper was removed and walls were patched
During, looking into the dining room from the living room:  damaged plaster wall was removed
Looking into dining room from living room:  fresh drywall, ahhhh!
Kitchen, before
Kitchen, during:  walls being patched and skim coated
Its current state, walls and ceiling have been skim coated and are being primed

In the downstairs bathroom, the goal is to slightly reconfigure it so that the sink is not an obstruction as soon as you walk in the door.

During, toilet and sink removed, wall demo in progress

Instead of the set up above, we removed the linen closet to make room for a pedestal sink.

Its current state, with the pedestal sink dry fitted just to get a sense of the layout.  Our plan is to install a pocket door to save space.
Before/Current:  Back hall/rear staircase opened up

In the back hall, we opened up the tight staircase and opened up the doorway to make it seem more like a part of the rest of the home.  We removed the wall boards to uncover “shiplap,” or planked wooden walls.

I made a discovery just between the wall boards above the doorway–an antique horse shoe, which I think I’ll keep there for good luck 🙂

I have so much to share with you all, so I made another video, check it out below!

Although we are focusing most of our energy on the first floor, my husband sneaks upstairs to demo every now and then.  I can’t lie, I have too!  Peeling wall paper is soooo tedious, but can become sooo addicting! haha!

Until next week folks!

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  1. Whitney Jones
    July 3, 2018 / 3:32 pm

    Carli, first of all… I am IN LOVE with your house. I just wanna move in right now! I've never been this interested in someone else's renovation! Can't wait to see more. Everything is coming along so great now. I think I'm most excited to see what you do in the entryway. Please keep me in mind when it's time to get pillows! LOL. I can do a custom set for you!

    • Made By Carli
      July 9, 2018 / 3:01 pm

      Hey Whitney! Thanks so much! Decor and the pretty stuff seems so far away,but you know I will definitely reach out when that time comes! I love your pillow covers!

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