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Road Trips:  People either love ’em or hate ’em.  Ten years ago, I would have jumped at the chance to take a road trip, now . . . eh, not so much! It’s not exactly my favorite way of travel, now that I’m a bit older.  However, when well prepared, road trips can be A LOT less grueling.  Read on as I share a checklist of Road Trip Essentials that got us through our 17-hour road trip from New England to Atlanta for the Haven Conference last week!

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Road trip essentials for Driver and Co-Pilot:

Road trip essentials for Kids (Little to Big):

Packing for a Road Trip

Duffel Bags

Use Duffel bags, not suitcases.  Duffel bags are soft and are easier to maneuver into smaller spaces.  We usually carry 1 per 2 people.  My husband and I share on, and our two youngest share one.  Roll each individual clothing items to maximize space in the duffel bag.


We keep snacks in a foldable cube container and place it either right behind our oldest child, or in between the two kids.  These are great because they are rigid enough to keep food contained, and everything is easy to see and accessible, as opposed to it being in a bag.  We stock up on chips, yogurt tubes, apple sauces, trail mixes and string cheese

Beverages and Refrigerated Food

We usually stick to bottled waters, and pouch type juices.  We like to freeze ours ahead of time, instead of filling a cooler with ice, they work perfectly to keep sandwiches and other snacks cold, without the mess of melting ice.


I have to say I was really dreading this road trip.  It’s the first road trip we’ve taken since Cayden was a baby and since Kyle’s been born.  By sticking to this list we hit the open road with very few stops, and very few “Are we There Yets?” which to me, is definitely a win in my book!

So, tell me? Did I forget anything?  If you road trip often, share some of your essentials for a stress free road trip below.

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