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Recently my husband turned the big 4-0!  Having known him since the early teenage years, this milestone birthday was sort of a big deal.  But gift giving is always tricky for me, especially when it comes to him—what to get the man who wants for nothing?

Well a few years ago, Jord reached out to me to collaborate and I had the opportunity to gift my husband a beautiful wood watch for our 13th anniversary.  When I tell you my man was obsessed with that watch, I mean it–he wore it DAILY, and I can’t blame him, Jord watches are truly beautiful and unique time pieces.

(If you tend to go by the suggested gifts per anniversary years, wood is typically given on the 5th or 6th anniversary, clocks on the 1st anniversary and watches on the 15th–but I never truly go by that guide.)

So when I saw that Jord now offers the ability to customize with professional sizing and personalized engraving on the watch back plates and the option to personalize on the cedar display boxes, I knew that upgrading my husband’s favorite watch with something special and meaningful, would truly mark this milestone occasion.

But what in the world would I have it say?

I wish I could say that coming up with this idea came easily for me, but it didn’t.  I searched the internets high and wide and then it came to me–my husbands name is Justin, his small business is named “Just-in Time,” so what better way to play on words?? Honestly, I feel like I lucked out.  But if you happen to get stuck like I did–

Here are a few thought starters for engraving ideas:

  • Get Personal:  think inside jokes or special moments shared just between the two of you
  • Special dates or memories
  • Scriptures or other religious sayings
  •  Song lyrics
  • Quotes from a favorite book or poem
  • Vows or promises that you’ve made to one another
  •  Funny phrases or metaphors
The HYDE watch in Ebony & Iron

Time for Some Wordplay

If you’re having a Jord watch engraved as a gift, maybe you’ll want to play on the word “Time,” as well, here are a few ideas for you:

  • Time spent with you is precious
  • Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time
  • All great achievements require time -Maya Angelou
  • I love you more every second
  • Not a minute goes by that I don’t think of you
  • “But for those who love, time is eternal” -Shakespare
  • Time flies love remains -Latin proverb
  • This is our time
  • Time with you is time well spent
  • Five hundred twenty-five thousand
    Six hundred minutes -Rent (for the theater lover)


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  1. Jason Micheal
    December 9, 2019 / 1:11 pm

    Happy holidays!!! Would love the watch

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